Thursday, October 10, 2013

31days // Truth for Thursday

I wrote out a post for today. It was a long one, and I almost finished it. But I just didn't feel the peace that I've had with posts 1 through 9. So, I listened. I saved the draft, closed the window, and picked up my Bible instead. 

I found this verse, which seems to match perfectly with yesterday's post

Here's some truth for your Thursday:

His words are way better than mine, anyway. 


elle alice said...

ahh, that is some good, solid truth right there!!!

Hilda said...

So true, Jesus came to perfect it along with bringing many graces. :D thanks for sharing that beautiful quote.

Susannah said...

Beautifully said - Both God's words and yours. :-)

Brittany said...

I love your blog. I just spent a ton of time reading back through so many of your posts. You are so inspiring. I have this desire now more than ever to get closer with God. It was so much easier in HS with youth group and things to go to and now it's just me here to make the choice and sometimes I choose the wrong thing. I am so excited to continue reading along and seeing where this month takes you :)

Ashlee Chu said...

YES. Amen to that.