Thursday, October 17, 2013

31days // Truth for Thursday

Man, I love you guys. I really, really do. Your support and encouragement and love means more than I could ever thank you for. But I'll certainly try: thank you. 

It has been such a wonderful journey digging into my past and writing out my story. It's one that I honestly love to share, because I know that there is incredible power in our testimonies. If you're thinking we're at the end, then I'm sorry to break the news that we're not. The moment that I surrendered my life to Jesus was almost 2 years ago, and a lot has happened since then. I want to encourage you that it's not smooth sailing once you reach that point, at least for me, it hasn't been. So if you're in a rocky phase, know that you're not alone. It's okay, and perfectly normal, in my opinion. 

But the beauty of those rocky seasons post-surrendering your life to Jesus is that you've got someone in the boat with you. Not only someone in the boat, but steering it. It's a beautiful thing, really. And it's true, happiness may come and go, but joy abides. 

Because I've already dished out a lot of my own words this week, here are someone else's:

Friends, if you are feeling abandoned today, allow me to give you the biggest cyber hug I possibly can and reassure you that you are not. He has never left you, and He never will. 

I know it can be hard to feel Him there. Maybe you've never really felt Him to begin with (I've been there), or maybe you're walking through a season where you feel angry because you're sure He's no where to be found (I've been there). I want to tell you that you're feelings are valid. Your frustration, confusion, anger, it's valid. 

And you know the one person who can help you through it? God. He wants to hear you vent. He wants to hear your frustrations, and confusion, and anger. He's big enough to handle it, and He can help you move past it. 

He hasn't abandoned you, love. He's right there, just waiting for you to reach for Him. 


Hilda said...

It's wonderful to know that God is always there for us and with us. :D

The Pink Growl said...

Love this quote! I always cherish a verse that isn't too wildly popular.

Pamela said...

Such a good reminder! No matter how alone we may feel, we really aren't alone!

Leah said...

amen. amen.