Thursday, October 24, 2013

31days // One Question

I've talked a lot about my struggles in this 31days series. I've shared an awful lot about my story, and haven't shied away from the fact that I stumble a lot. Sometimes, I think it's easier for me to talk about my struggles than my strengths. Struggles are relate-able, and you certainly don't have to worry about sounding prideful when you're talking about falling flat on your face. {Which I do, quite often}. 

But there's another part to this series that I want to dig into. The part where I share what has helped me in my walk with purity. Because the fact of the matter is, even with the 34098 stumbles in between, I'm one heckofa different person than I was when I first decided to give this purity thing a go. And if you're reading this series, and hoping to find some help for your personal pursuit of purity, I pray that you'll find that here. 

We've all heard that question, right? The "What Would Jesus Do?" question. We're supposed to ask ourselves in each situation, and the response will help lead us in the right direction. Well, I have a question like that. It never really was something that I intentionally started doing, but it has very much become a key part of my pursuit of purity. 

The question: 

Does this glorify God? 

The fact of the matter is, I want to live a life that glorifies God. That is why I want to strive after purity, because I believe that I have a Savior that is so amazing, that I want nothing more than to glorify Him with each and every aspect of this one life that I've been given. 

Every moment of my day might not seem mega-impactful, but I firmly believe that every moment can glorify God. It's a battle, and sometimes, I make the wrong choice. But incorporating this question into my lifestyle has helped me use wisdom & discernment in my daily decisions. 

Listening to a friend express her frustration at something she's facing? Glorifies God. Taking that information that was confided in me and sharing it with someone else? Not so much. 

Dedicating my 9 hours a day to working diligently on my assignments at work? Glorifies God. Scrolling on Instagram or Twitter during that time? Not so much. 

Bringing my aches, pains, and any other uncomfortable emotion to the Lord? Glorifies God. Avoiding those emotions by running to the comfort of sin? Not so much. 

And for the record, I am guilty of each one of those "Not so much"s listed above. But asking these questions has helped me dramatically shift my mindset. When I stray from God, either with gossip, or another sin of choice, 
I notice it

As we talked about here, purity is about so much more than just sexual sin. There is so much more freedom to be found, if we open our hearts to it. Asking myself this question has helped me find that freedom, in areas of my life that I didn't even realize I was missing it. 

Are there any questions or scriptures that you use regularly in your life? 


Heather Leigh @ Adifferent kind of woman said...

Love this girl!!! I am reminded of Philippians 4:8. That's the verse I always try and look upon before I do anything.. Sometimes I mess up and forget to look upon that verse.. But it's a great go to verse. :)

katie_shannon said...

I struggle with gossip so my question is --- would you say this if that person was here?

The Pink Growl said...

One of my daily devotions this week was about gossip. You are such a good girl Amy!

Leah said...

Yes! such a powerful question to lead us in the right way. girl, the not so much and me meet more often than i'd like. i need to remember that question on my everyday activities like you said. not just in what i think 'matters.'

Heather said...

Oh Amy, this post convicted me so much! The whole "does scrolling through Twitter & Instagram when I should be working" hit home with me so HARD. I'm at work for a WORK, and perusing social media is definitely not working! God gave me the health and ability to work...I shouldn't waste it away!