Saturday, October 26, 2013

31days // Pure

We've got just over 30 minutes left to talk purity today. So, I've got a short and sweet one for you. 

Pure bliss. Doing Christian based yoga on the beach. 

If you're local, you gotta check out Faithful Heart Yoga! Or better yet, let's take a class together!

Pure joy. Spending time with these awesome 5th graders for Math Club once a week. 

Pure beauty. This place that I am crazy blessed to call home. 

Pure talent. My beautiful friend Hosanna has sure got one heckofa voice. Check her out:

Hope your having yourself a purely spectacular weekend. :)


elle alice said...

those are all pure awesome :) faith-based yoga sounds awesome! And I miss my old days of reading with first graders... your photo reminded me of that!

Hilda said...

I never heard of christian based Yoga before. How do you do it? :)