Thursday, October 2, 2014

Find The Beauty

I started seminary school this week. 

Or, to more adequately put it, I had about 4 minor freak outs within the last 7 days. I was intimated by the syllabus, cried when I submitted the biggest payment of my life, cried some more once it actually hit my account, got knots in my stomach when I tried understanding things I usually breeze through in Exodus, and pretty much felt all around discouraged, inadequate, unprepared, and just plain scared

You know what, though? Through the fear, and the anxious nerves, and the worried tears, and the uncertainty, there was this undeniable joy. 

Oh you guys, the joy has been so darn thick. 

Because I can one thousand percent say that there is no where I would rather be. There is nothing I would rather be doing, and nothing I would rather my money go towards. 

This life I want to live might not look responsible, or rational, or realistic. But as my dear friend Diana said in a gchat therapy sesh, the Lord never called us to be responsible in a worldly standard. If He had, He wouldn't have praised the woman who broke her alabaster jar full of expensive perfume on His behalf. 

I want to be a woman who gladly gives it all for Jesus. Because there is so much beauty in a life surrendered to the Lord. 


You know where else there's a whole lot of beauty? Over on

The Bouqs Company is a new online floral company that delivers beautiful, vibrant, fresh flowers straight to your door.  

The flowers featured above are called "Desperado," and they're even more gorgeous in real life. 

If you're like me, sometimes it can be tough to get a gift in the mail on time for a special event or birthday. I've always been a fan of sending flowers to show someone I love that I'm thinking of them. 

I've had a variety of experiences with different companies { I won't bash anyone, but once my flowers didn't show up on Mother's Day! :( }, so I know good customer service and good prices when I see them. And though it's not shown in my wardrobe choice above, I also know vibrant colors when I see those! 

The Bouqs Company has it all. Know someone who might need a little extra lovin' right now? Why not send them some flowers to make their day? I know they'll be thrilled to see this on their doorstep.

The above links are affiliate links, meaning that I receive compensation for any referred sales. The above product was provided for review from The Bouqs Company, but all opinions are 100% mine.