Tuesday, October 15, 2013

31days // Worship

Worship has made the world of a difference in my walk with the Lord, and in my pursuit of purity. Just like the Lord used community to draw me closer to Himself, He has majorly used worship music to do the same. 

Today, I want to take a break from sharing words, and instead, share some tunes. Some tunes that have some beautiful, and powerful truth in them. 

The first is a song that really touched me during a time of struggle. This time, actually. I've found that my biggest struggles are usually the ones that I walk into myself. I think this is because of all of the shame that comes with those situations, shame that doesn't come from God at all. 

This song spoke through all of the shame and condemnation that I was putting on myself, and shined the light and grace of God on me instead. I hope you feel His love through the lyrics. 

If you're in a dance-party-in-your-cubicle kind of mood today {like I am everyday}, then this song is for you. Whoever said worship music can't be dance party music was sadly mistaken. 

Case and point:

Be blessed today, friends. Love you all!


Hilda said...

Oh shoot! I can't see the videos. it's blank. :(

Julie said...

The Lord has used worship music so much in my life too! It just uplifts me and brings me that much closer to Him when I'm belting out tunes singing His praises. Also, you mentioning that you're always in a dance party mood is why we're friends. I seriously have a mini dance party at least once a day ;)

Heather Leigh @ Adifferent kind of woman said...

Oh girl, love these songs so much! Worship is such a passion of mine. It's a place where Jesus and I meet often :)

Susannah said...

It's amazing how wonderful worship music can be to draw us to the Lord.

Tabitha said...

LOVE that dance-able song! Never even heard of this guy.