Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Vegas In Pictures

It was my first real girl's trip to Vegas, and it was so. much. fun. It's trips like these that remind me how fortunate I am to have a good group of girl friends. 

Friends that:

-Will help me frantically search for my eye drops when I am freaking out that my eyes are red. 

-Will split nachos with me 14 times in 3 days. 

-Will tell hilarious stories about splitting 5 entrees between 2 people at a restaurant at 3 AM. And then pull out the 5 trays of left overs the next morning to prove that the number was not at all an exaggeration (like the bullet above). 

-Won't judge me when I bust out my easy flats 30 minutes after we get to a club. (Easy flats were the best investment of the trip. Don't go to Vegas without them!).

We better be will still doing trips like this for years to come. 

I need my girl time, and they don't have a choice. 

1 comment:

Daisy said...

Wowzers, look at your legs!!
All that running has paid off, you look stunning.
The pool photo's are so cool, makes me wish I could go swimming right now.