Monday, May 14, 2012

The Start to the Most Amazing Vacation of My Life

Words seriously cannot even begin to express how amazing this Boston trip was. 

I am still trying to process it all. 

For now, here are the deets from Days 1 & 2. Hopefully by the end of the photo-recap, I can get out some words to capture just a bit of the magic from this vacation. 

I don't think any words could do it justice, but I promise to give it a try. 

Day 1: Travel

At the last meeting before the Prayer Tour, we were reminded that with a trip of 150 people traveling from 4+ different places, there was definitely the possibility of things not going as planned. 

We were asked to please be flexible should that happen, and to consider it an adventure with Jesus

Well friends, it wasn't long before I realized an adventure with Jesus is exactly what I was in store for. 

After missing our connecting flight in Chicago, we plopped ourselves in the Kid's Korner for our unexpected 5 hour layover. We traded the evening session in Boston that we had planned for, for 5 hours of Cartoon Network. 

Honestly, I am so fortunate that we had this turn of events. Considering that I knew pretty much no one going on this trip, it was great to closely bond with the 9 others that were on the "early" flight with me. 

{Ironic how the "early" flight ended up getting to Boston last, huh?}

The 10 of us got some food, had some great discussions and learned some new card games. 

It was the best first day, even if it was all travel. 

Day 2: China Town & The Financial District

Don't see this in SB

The gorgeous church where we had morning sessions

The cafe where we went after every morning session

Cupcake food truck? Heaven.

"Smile when you say that"

Financial district coffee shop

Cupcakes were following me

Love it

Cherry Cheesecake Cupcake, YUM

Finally, blue skies!

Paul Revere's grave site

The most amazing group I could have asked for

A night out after evening service, ignore the makeup-less look

New drink of choice: The Painkiller

Sorry, should I have apologized in advance for the picture overload? My bad. 

Pics from the rest of the trip coming tomorrow. And hopefully, after a few days of going over all of the amazing events of the trip, I can put together some words. I don't think there's any chance I can fully capture it, but I'll do my best. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and Mother's Day!


Summer said...

What gorgeous pictures! That church? Wow! Incredible!

I wanted to say thank you for stopping by my blog and for your very kind and sweet words. I hope you DO hug your Mom extra tight tonight!!


Daisy said...

Great photo's, it looks like such a beautiful place!
cupcake truck...yes please!