Thursday, May 24, 2012

So you thought the traveling was over, huh?

Yupp, that's right. I'm not at work today, because I'm driving to fabulous Las Vegas, where I will be spending Memorial Day Weekend with 7 other gorgeous gals. 

Kristi, Carly and I are going with 4 of Carly's friends from college, and I can.not.wait. 

I apologize in advance for the photo overload that will occur come next week. 

If you want a little preview, follow me here.

And to spice up your Friday, I leave you with some of my favorite tunes that I'm sure I'll be rocking out to this weekend. 

Have a little dance party in your cubicle. Or wherever you are today. 

If I was there, I'd totally be right there dancing with you. 


I hope you have a very long and enjoyable weekend!

1 comment:

AW said...

Enjoy & be safe!

Put $5 on blackjack for me -- or something, I don't know the lingo! haha