Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The End of the Most Amazing Trip of My Life

Day 4: Cambridge, Charlestown and Fenway Park!

Last morning session

Proudly reppin' my Celtics! Loved being a Boston sports fan.

That gorgeous gal on the left is responsible for the beautiful baby!

Harvard is SUCH a pretty school

Given by the class of 1876! I had no idea Harvard was so old!

Eggplant Parm Sub -- was delicious!

Saw this at a restaurant in Charlestown, loved it.

Anna & me, on our way to the Red Sox game!!

Ahhh couldn't believe I was at FENWAY!

So in case I haven't mentioned it on this here Bloggy of mine, I am a big Boston fan when it comes to sports. My dad is from Boston, and what can I say, he raised me right. 

I have early, early memories of him calling me his good luck charm, and putting me in charge of holding red socks during the Red Sox games. 

The entire time I was sitting and watching the game, I was just in awe at how blessed I was to be there. 

On top of all of that, Anna and I decided it was our mission to get on the big screen. Now I've been to plenty of baseball games (Padres are definitely my second favorite team, gotta rep San Diego), and I have NEVER been on the big screen. 

I've held signs, done all that good stuff. 


I kid you not, Anna and I just stood up and danced, and within 5 minutes, BAM. On the big screen. 

It was that kind of night. 

I want need this shirt.

We had a Boy Scouts troup behind us. A bunch of them had pins that said "First time at Fenway." Too cute. 

I seriously can't emphasize enough how lucky I feel to have had this be part of the trip. 

It's kind of funny, I knew I wanted to go to the Red Sox game as soon as I found out we had Saturday night free. But since I didn't know anyone going on the trip, I was worried I wouldn't have anyone to go with. I just kind of decided I would either tag along with some people to do what they did on Saturday night, meet up with some family, or heck, go to the game alone. 

Turns out, the Lord blessed me with an incredible group of people that I met and instantly loved.  Of course he put it in His plan that they all were going to the Red Sox game. And that a big group hadn't bought their tickets yet, so Anna and I were able to get seats with everyone. 

{Including the Pastor planting the Boston church. I felt like I was in the presence of a celebrity.}

After the game, we went out to celebrate this lovely lady's birthday:

Got another delicious Painkiller

The guys of the group

Arm wrestling, of course

The girls!

And the last of 200+ pics, me with baby Charlie, on our way to the airport.

Day 5: Travel

It's moments like this where I am so appreciative that I decided to start a blog. I am so glad that I have turned into an obnoxious picture taker, and that I can put those memories here. It's been so great reliving the trip through the pictures, and tomorrow I plan to do my best to capture it in words. 

It really was the most amazing trip of my life, and I can't wait to explain why. 

Or atleast, I'll try to. Not really sure if words can capture it. 

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Daisy said...

So happy to hear you had an amazing time. How sweet is that memory of your dad putting you in charge of holding red socks! Precious.