Monday, July 16, 2012

The Story of a Book

If you've checked out my Books page recently, you might have seen that this is the book I most recently read:

I mentioned here that since I've really gotten into reading this year, religious books have seemingly been just finding me. Seriously, I have yet to pay for any of the now 5 religious books that I have. 

Although winning a signed copy of Britt Merrick's Godspeed on Twitter was pretty cool, I'd say this story takes the cake. 

Backtrack a few months with me, to this trip. I flew to and from Sacramento, and knowing I'd be driving back from LA right after my flight home on Sunday, I determined a nap to be entirely necessary {Not much sleep was had during the weekend, and I don't sleep well on planes}.

I was on Heather's couch, trying to take a nap, and distinctly remember praying to God. 

I'll be honest, we went out the night before and I was just feeling a bit distant from Him. I prayed, asking that He reveal Himself to me. I hear so many radical stories of people witnessing Christ in their lives, and I wanted to truly feel His presence. 

I am not sure why I chose this moment for that prayer, but I did. And I wasn't sure if I felt any intense response in that moment, but I did have a sense of peace while relaxing before my flight. 

On the flight, I pulled out my Bible. A little over halfway through the flight, the woman behind me tapped me on the shoulder. 

Do you mind if I ask what you're reading? She asked. 

The Bible. I responded. 

I thought so. 

The smile on her face revealed how excited she was to embark on our conversation that took up the remainder of the flight. I'm sure I had the same smile on my face, as well. 

I love talking about Christ. I still have trouble knowing when the right time is to bring Him into conversation, and am constantly learning how to have confidence when discussing my faith. So when I have the chance to talk to another believer, I am always excited to have the chance to relate with another person on how amazing our Savior is. 

Her name was Peggy, and she truly radiated with her love of Christ. She was so happy to see that I was studying the Bible, and wanted to share with me a small piece of her testimony with the time that we had. 

She told me the story of how her husband and son survived a plan crash by the grace of God {totally normal, right?}.

I can truly say that I was blessed by our conversation, and will always be inspired by her boldness in sparking a conversation about Christ with a complete stranger. 

But, it didn't end there. Somehow, it came up that I was single, and hoping to eventually find a Christ centered relationship like the one shared between her and her husband. Peggy was so excited to recommend to me the book called Heart's Desire, and made sure to get my address so that she could mail me a signed copy that she had at home. 

We said our goodbyes, both assuring that we would be praying for one another. And a few weeks later, a package arrived at my doorstep. 

The signed book, a personalized note and a few other goodies were all inside an adorable package {that I failed to take a picture of, bad Blogger}.

All from a random encounter on a plane. 

God is so, so good. 

Hope you had yourself a wonderful weekend!



Mosby Hardin said...

I love when God is able to use little moments and make them into big ones for Him!

Samantha said...

How wonderful and what a blessing!

Linnea said...

How great is that?! I too, am trying to learn confidence when talking about my faith.

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Wow! What a cool story! I love that you guys just started talking on the plane and that it ended with her sending you the book! What a blessing!

Katharine said...

wow! sweet story! it's always refreshing to have a Christ-centered conversation and I think it becomes more special when it's between two complete strangers. It just shows how the love of God really binds people together. :)

Kate Sparkles said...

Wow, I love chance encounters with strangers but this one really seems like fate.
I've never felt comfortable discussing my faith with others. I was raised without religion but sent to a Christian high school. In the tenth grade I asked my Pastor to baptize me at school which he did but I never felt I was able to answer his questions as to why.. I always felt my answer of 'it just feels right' wasn't enough. Then I left school and it seems anytime religion comes up everyone is SO anti it so I keep it to myself. Sorry I kind of went off topic there.. But I'm very happy for you!