Tuesday, July 3, 2012


That is how I've been feeling lately. 


Honestly, there is a lot that I want to discuss here on this blog. But, sharing it on the blog would mean putting it out in the open. And you know what's weird? It's not my readers who I don't want to see it. 

I want you guys to see it. I want your input, advice. Encouragement. 

It's the people who know me in real life that I'm not comfortable sharing with. Not everyone of course. {If you're reading this and going bitch, she doesn't want to share with me? then I'm probably not referring to you}. 

It's just, you never know who stumbles upon your blog {especially when it's posted on your facebook} and some things, are just personal. 

Maybe none of this is making sense, but sometimes, rambling helps. 

Basically, if you could just pray for some guidance for me right now, that would be so, so appreciated. 

And since a serious post always requires at least a few pictures, here's the extent of the pictures from my birthday. 

Pictures from my work party. My coworkers are kind of amazing.

Now go have yourself a wonderful 4th of July! I hope none of you are working, because I think everyone deserves a mid week break. I know mine is much needed. 

Oh, and unlike my birthday, expect lots of pictures. You know us roommates do the holidays, and we do them right



Linnea said...

I just said a prayer for you girl. I'm sure whatever it is, you will work it out!

Kate Sparkles said...

This is why I'm glad I keepy blog kind of anonymous, because I need some place I can just get it all out!! But the downside is, no personal pics and I love seeing other people's.. Like your birthday cake looks divine!!
Hope you enjoy your holiday and I hope over the next week or so you find the answers you need!

Daisy said...

Oh Amy I hope you get past whatever it is you are struggling with soon.
Sending you lads of positive thoughts xxxxx
And......no birthday pictures????
Cake looks gooooooooood ( drooling here, hahaha)

Daisy said...

Sending you lads?? Oh auto correct, you are so funny sometimes.
I meant loads of course.

Tabitha said...

I absolutely know what you mean! I think that's partly why I ditched my last blog and started a new one: it was SO public, and anyone and everyone in real life could read it! Sometimes it's easier telling stuff to "internet friends". That's why I made a list on Facebook with just the people I'm comfortable sharing the blog with. I mean, probably others will find it if they really dig around, but at least I have a teensy bit of privacy? Or something. :-P