Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oh Hello There

Let's catch up, shall we? 

Get ready for an extremely random post, k?. Ready, go:

I saw Magic Mike on Monday. Got happy hour with the ladies, and after a delicious margarita, we enjoyed ourselves the sexy, sexy men of the movie. 

Girls nights out are the best, aren't they? 

In definitely the opposite of a GNO, I watched my first UFC fight this past weekend. 

I had a lot of fun! In a standing room only bar, it was definitely the perfect scene for my first fight. 

And we got on the VIP list for next fight, so I might be turning myself into a little UFC groupie. 

If you follow along on Instagram, you might have noticed that I've started running again:

I'm not really sure why I stopped in the first place, but I guess I've always gone through phases. 

I've started to really enjoy running as a way to burn off some steam. Lately work has been... well, not always super fun, and it's really nice to be able to destress on my lunch break with a good run. 

And when I say good, I mean a solid run sprinkled with some solid walking breaks. Because let's face it, prime time heat does not equal prime time for running. 

And yes, I'm saying that even though I live in Santa Barbara where it is far from 100 degrees. 

In more fitness related news, my company kicked off our 8 week long Fitness Challenge. Think Biggest Loser status. 

Basically, whoever loses the largest percentage of weight wins. And people are going all out. I'm talking double work outs, taking supplements of who knows what, all that jazz. 

Do you think it's cheating if I get a breast reduction in the next 8 weeks? 

Yeah, I didn't think so either. 

The end. 

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Daisy said...

Good luck with the challenge! Sounds like fun to me.
I have to get back into running as well.....maybe next week.