Friday, June 22, 2012

Let's Talk Books,

Shall we? 

To be honest, I was never a huge reader growing up. I read the popular series, Harry Potter, Twilight, those classics. But assign me a book in English class, and give me a schedule to stick to? No way Jose. I'll stick to spark notes. 

Why? I have no idea. I was a pretty good student in most other aspects. I guess assigned reading is where I chose to rebel. 

Not sure what changed, but apparently 2012 is my year to hop on the reading train. We started a Book Club, and that kind of kick started it for me. Once I started, I couldn't stop. Now, I feel like I constantly have to have a book that I'm reading, and I love it

So today, let's talk books. I'll share a few thoughts on some books, and you do the same, will ya? I would love some recommendations!

We read this for Book Club, and it was such a unique read. It's written from the perspective of an Autistic boy, which is unlike any book I've read before. It's a really quick read, and really lets you jump inside the head of the boy telling the story. Plus, there are a few plot twists that keep you interested, always a good thing in my book. {Literally.}

Another Book Club book. Hilarious. It was the first auto-bio of a celeb that I've read, and I loved it. Especially if you're an SNL fan, you'll enjoy reading all of her stories from behind the scenes. Another quick read for me. Definitely recommend it!

You know, it's pretty cool. Since I got on this reading kick, I've gotten 4 religious books. And not one have I paid for. One was lent to me (without me having to ask for it), two were given to me from our Community Group leader, and one was won on Twitter. A sign from God? I think so. 

Anywho, I'm about to finish this book, and if you're looking for a good, spiritual read, I would definitely point you in the direction of this book. It discusses how important it is to devote time to your relationship with the Lord, and actually made me feel like I was growing in my relationship by reading this book. Is there anything more you can ask for out of a book?

I just ordered this book from Amazon, and I can't wait to read it. I read the back of the book a while ago, before I was in my reading kick. I was definitely drawn to her story, and can't wait to read more. Has anyone read it, yet? 

So tell me, what are some of your favorite books? I would love to read them!

Oh, and Happy Friday!!


Daisy said...

I was just like you when it came to reading a book for school. I think it's because they are just not as interesting as the books we choose ourselves.
well, you know what I am reading at the moment ;)
Before that I read "matched" by Ally Condie. Definitely a good read.

Tabitha said...

Um, I was JUST working on a post about books! We are so in sync. Hey, did you know there's a Santa Barbara book club on Goodreads? We meet once a month and you should TOTALLY do it with me. :)

Amy said...

Yes yes YES Tabitha, I would LOVE to!

Ariel Tyler said...

Bossypants was the funniest thing ever. I just read I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella, which I really enjoyed!

Janna Bogert said...

I want to read the Tina Fey book! I bet it's hilarious!

Heather said...

hahaha. you have such a good writing voice! I will definitely have to check some of these out. Bossy Pants has been on my list for a while, but I'm really excited to check out the first one! Thanks for the tips!


Megan said...

I absolutely love reading, I just don't do it enough!! One of my favorite books is Redeeming Love! And I love Wicked and The Other Boleyn Girl, too! SO much!!