Friday, June 15, 2012


Birthday posts are kind of my favorite, mainly because I love to get all sappy and lovey-dovey. 

It's kind of my thing. So here we go:

Happy Birthday Carly!!

Of course my brother had to pick your birthday to graduate, of all days, so I can't celebrate with you today. But, we did have ourselves a good birthday celebration on Wednesday, and the festivities will continue once I book it back to SB tomorrow morning. 

Funny story, I actually met Carly's boyfriend before I met her. Out of the 400+ employees in our company's SB office, we just happen to work in the same department. 

So basically, my friendship with Carly was destined from the start. 

The first night Carly, Kristi and I ever hung out just the three of us, we had a wine night {typical}.

Some family drama was spilled {also typical}, some tears were shed, and after Carly left, Kristi and I both knew this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. 

And that it was. 

Carly, I really can't emphasize how happy I am that we are roommates. In case I don't say it enough, I am so thankful to have you. 

Alright warning: things are about to get real deep, real fast. 

I like to talk about the last break up from the stand point of New Year's day and forward. The good part. The "what doesn't kill you makes you strooonger" {sing it in a Kelly Clarkson voice} part. 

But let's be real, it wasn't always like that. 

There was the not-so-good part. There was the it-just-plain-hurts part. And this girl was there for that. This girl was there when I walked straight through the front door, into the back yard where she was giving Scooby a bath, and asked for a hug. So that I could, quite literally, cry on her shoulder. 

Yeah, that happened. 

This girl was there when I didn't want to talk about it. When we would just drive to Coffee Bean to get the seasonal Winter Tea Latte, or head over to dog park, and talk about anything but the break up. 

This girl was there to take me to my very first work Christmas party, when just weeks before I was expecting to go with my boyfriend. 

She was just plain there. Right when I needed it most.

Thank you, Carly. It meant more than you know. 

{Giving credit where credit is due: all of my amazing friends/roommates were there during that time, and I love them all so, so much for it}

And when things got better, and it was time to celebrate the fact that I was back to happy me again? Yeah, she was there for that too. 

Oh, and she always makes the most amazing treats for us: 

And keeps our house incredibly clean. 

And carries anything you could ever possibly need in her purse. At all times. 

So I mean I would say over all, she's a pretty great roommate to have, right?

I'll answer that: right. 

Happy Birthday, Carly! I love you a lot. Thanks for being an incredible roommate, and friend.


Evelien said...

Sounds like an amazing friend! I wish I had one of those haha :)
Happy birthday to her!

Valerie said...

Happy birthday Carly!!!

This was such a sweet post. So glad to have friends like this.

Daisy said...

Good friends are THE BEST!
She sounds like an amazing friend. happy birthday to Carly!