Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Randoms - Birchbox Edition

So today marks the first Sunday in so long where I have been in Santa Barbara for the whole day.

It's. Been. So. Nice. 

Counting down the days until next weekend, which will be the first weekend in over 2 months where I will be in SB all weekend. 

Can't wait!!

Anywho, let's discuss Birchbox now, shall we?

Not a Fan:

This is the third month in a row where there hasn't been anything that I don't like. You go Birchbox!


I was indifferent towards most of the things in May's box. First, I was indifferent towards #2, SHU UEMURA Cleansing Oil Shampoo. It was fun having a shampoo sample, but not sure I noticed enough of a difference to spend $55. 

I felt pretty similarly towards #3, Dior Miss Dior Eau de Parfum. Loved the scent, not so much the price {$62}. You might be noticing a similar pattern with these Birchbox reviews.

I was also indifferent towards the not pictured, Birchbox Notecard. I will say that it made for a cute Mother's Day card, though!

I liked: 

I liked #1, stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. I'll admit, I meant to get a picture of this one, but I just totally Blogger Failed and didn't get around to it. {Mah bad} I can say, though, that I loved the way this looked. It looks great on it's own, or on top of some black eyeliner to add just a bit of extra flare. The one reason why I wouldn't say I loved it, is because it was so hard to get off. I guess I should have predicted that one with the "Waterproof" part, huh?

I also liked the #4, Miracle Skin Transformer Body SPF 20 in Glow. I loved the way this made my legs look, considering they're a bit pale these days, the tint was a big plus. Just not sure I'm gonna run out and buy the product, hence why it's not in the I loved category. 

I loved: 

I can't say that there was anything that I loved in May's Birchbox. But that's okay, because I was stoked to see what was in June's box:

1. theBalm cosmetics Stainiac

2. Likewise Facial Moisturizer + Sun Protectant SPF 50

3. tili Bags

4. Comodynes Self-Tanning Intensive

5. Eyeko Fat Eye Stick

6. John Varvatos Star U.S.A {For men!}

Big fan of this box already, and it could not have been more perfectly themed for me. Even though I will be enjoying some jet-setting free months in the near future!

And in Non-Birchbox related items, here are a few pics from this weekend:

Full weekend recap coming this week! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and a fabulous Father's Day!

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