Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Blogger Book Club!

So I guess this double posting thing is becoming a pattern here, huh?

Actually I think things like Taylor Swift's new song and the amazing idea to start a Blogger Book Club just totally warrant double posting.

Have you met Olivia over at Mad Lib? If not, you should definitely head on over there to find yourself a new blog to follow. She's a new momma to an adorable baby boy, and I can gaurantee you'll be hooked after reading a few posts.

Anywho, this lady had the brilliant idea to start a Blogger Book Club. Considering I love to read, and I love bloggers {duh}, this was pretty much a slam dunk for me.

So anyone else down? Once we get a list of people, we can start coordinating and all that fun stuff. Get excited people! I know I am.

Comment with your e-mail address if you're interested, and feel free to grab a button (from the grab a button portion!) to spread the word! The more the merrier.

Blogger Book Club

  Oh, and as if 2 posts in one day isn't enough for you, I can be found over here today too.

Aaand that's a wrap. See your lovely selves tomorrow for the Inspire Me Healthy link up.

{I'll actually have a post this week. Unlike last week's fail}


Elissa said...

count me in!

Jessica said...

I am definitely interested!! :)

Kate Sparkles said...

Yep definitely in..

Jordan said...

Definitely interested!

Linnea said...

Hey girl!! I'm interested.

I e-mailed you pics from my trip. I feel like we're friends for reals so I thought you might want to see them.

the little things said...