Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oh T Swift

I remember back when I was 19 and Forever and Always came out and it was like 

Ohh thank goodness. It's completely normal, my love life is like a T Swift song. 


Now I'm 23 and like

Oh shit. My love life is like a T Swift song. I'm screwed


Atleast I will rock the heck out of this song in my cubicle. 

Now you can too.

You're welcome.


Kate Sparkles said...

There are so many songs from Speak Now that made me cry because they were so relatable to my life.. Especially 'Never Grow Up' my goodness I played the heck out of that song!

I was so happy yesterday to see her new singles out and a release date for her album.. It's been too long!

Erin said...

girl i just stumbled upon your sweet blog and so glad i did! i adore your heart and you are just amazing!

i've been listening to this song too ;)

just found ya on instagram :) now following and following on gfc as well!




Cassandra said...

haha oh T Swift... always has the right words to relate to! I totally agree. When I was angry I would listen to 'Forever and Always' the regular version, but when i was sad/angry I would listen to the piano version of it!


Emily said...

Most days I'm straight up convinced that TSwift reads my diary, and right when I need to hear a song the gods of Pandora find out about it and send one my way. I played "The Story of Us" every day for three months after my ex broke up with me last May. It was kind of sad, actually.