Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Humpday Randoms

Happy Humpday loves! Made it half way through the work week, woo!

Ready for a random post after yesterday's serious one? Awesome.

1. Want to have the recipe for a wonderful Friday night? Well I'll tell you. 

Step 1: Come home promptly at 5PM. 

Step 2: Change into leggings, and make yourself a margarita (or ask your amazing roommate to make one for you). Leggings should be on and margarita should be in hand by 5:03PM.

Step 3: Repeat step 2 approximately 3 times. Except for the changing into leggings part. Well, unless spillage occurs. 

Step 4: Decide on an amazing dessert creation to make. Hopefully, there is a grocery store within walking distance of your house where you can pick up necessary ingredients. Fortunately, we have two different stores to choose from. 

Step 5: Put on a sweatshirt for the walk. Document this. After all, you look damn good in that sweatshirt/leggings combo. 

Step 6: After getting all necessary ingredients, make the amazing dessert creation. 

Step 7: Eat the amazing dessert creation. A lot of it. 

Step 8: Very important. Do not document the dessert creation. If you don't document it, it's easier to pretend the massive feast didn't happen the next morning. And, in my opinion, if there's no picture evidence, it's physically impossible to gain weight. Just saying.

Warning: Even without documentation, the feast could affect a 7:30AM run the next morning. You might die a little bit. 

It'll be worth it.

2. I mentioned here that it was Fiesta this weekend. Imagine a giant downtown, well, fiesta. It's a pretty big event here in SB, so we of course had to have a bit of participation. 

Aren't they presh? 

Also, I am still finding that confetti in places. Good keepsake, right?

3. Totally wore that exact outfit to work yesterday. Is 3 days enough time between repeating outfits? 

Probably not. Oh well. 

4. Seeing this man in concert on Friday:

That would be Toby Keith, if you didn't recognize him. This girl texted me yesterday:

asking if I wanted to hop on board for the concert. 

3 days notice? Ummm HECK YES. Love spontaneous weekend plans. 

Are you a Toby fan? If so, what's your favorite song? 

5. Happy 3 year Anniversary to one of my favorite couples:

Love them! They are such an inspiration to me, and I wish them the best day (& weekend!).

Want to join in on the Happy Anniversary wishes? Please do!

That's all for today folks. Have yourself a wonderful Humpday!


Jordan said...

1. You rock the leggings/sweatshirt combo beautifully. I can't wait until it cools down so I can rock it myself.

2. Completely agree on the whole no pictures, no weight gain. "Pics or it didn't happen." You got it.

3. Repeated outfits in my personal life are on a different calendar than at work. As long as it's clean and there are different people witnessing said outfit, nobody knows.

Happy Humpday!

Elissa said...

I love this post, great tips. no photo no worries. love it. good thing because I have close to zero will power when it comes to sweets. and leggings are fabulous!

I used to like toby keith a lot more than I do now, like his old stuff a lot better. but a spontaneous album is completely awesome. my favorite song is I should've been a cowboy.

jes @ twosmuppies said...

um, you totally had me at leggings and margaritas.
if only i could peel myself off the couch to go do both. if only. freaking wednesday.

this hive. said...

hey! newest follower to your blog from sophistifunk :)) how cute are you!? i also am a new college grad... what the f. life is definitely not as fun haha! cant wait to read more from ya and would love if you checked out my blog!

Kate Sparkles said...

You make be feel lazy, I skip the leggings and heat straight for the pj's.. Your concert sounds great, last minute plans are the best!! I only know one of his songs ( proud to be an American) but I know he is pretty famous in the states!!

Sammantha said...

"document this, afterall you look damn good" bahahahahaha oh how i love you