According to The Bucket List, the goal is 30 books this year. 

Let's get reading!

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Ashley H said...

I'm starting Mockingjay now. Have you read The Help? Really good!

Amy said...

I LOVE The Help!!! Pretty sure I responded in e-mail, but just in case thought I'd respond here too :) Definitely one of my favorites!!

Jessi Spencer said...

I don't know what book genres you're into, but I just read a book duo about World War 2/time travel. I had never read a historical fiction (?) book before, but tor some reason picked these up and loved them. They are called Blackout and All Clear by Connie Willis. Relatively quick reads...took me about a week each.

Anyway...good luck on your progress!!

Amy said...

@Jessi Thanks so much for the recommendation!! I love all sorts of books, so I'm sure I would enjoy those!