Friday, March 16, 2012

Flashback Friday!

It's Flashback Friday time! Is it sad that I am old enough to say that I'm flashing back to something that happened almost 5 years ago? Gosh, this feels like just yesterday. 

Anyway, today I'm flashing back to my first real vacation without the parentals. 


But not really. See here to refresh your memory of High School Amy. 

So back to this epic vacation (which it was!). For our High School graduation trip, me and my four best friends (aka the 5some. Cool, I know) got to go to Maui for a week. It was planned by Lauren's parents as part of her 18th bday celebration. The five of us got to stay in our own condo, while Lauren's family stayed in one near by. 

Aaand let the photo dump commence:

We all got graduation presents for each other. Mine were these super cute shirts.

Aren't you just in awe at my creative-ness?

Only time I've ever been ziplining. So cool!
Our super cool rental car. That only Laur's parents were allowed to drive.
Making our own dinners. Like adults.
And because a Flashback Friday post isn't complete without me embarassing myself, I give you a few stories. 

1) I am notorious for getting fried on the first day of a vacation. This trip was no exception. So I got to look super hot rocking a rash guard and shorts for the majority of the trip. 

Disclaimer: I detagged these pictures on facebook. So feel really lucky that I'm posting them. I hope you enjoy.

After jet-skiing. Hot damn.

Always prepared with the waterproof eye makeup.
And last but not least, the most memorable adventure from the trip. Which took place after this car ride to a beach notorious for good snorkeling, but wild waves:

Kacey and I decided to jump on in and go see some fish. We're swimming along, when we get stuck in a really strong current. 

And I'm talking really strong. It's pulling us straight towards these cliffs of death. 

Fun stuff, right?

We grab onto a bed of coral to keep away from the death trap, and Kacey is being all motivational. 

"We can do this! It's gonna be fine."

I'm also completely keeping my cool. 

If keeping your cool entails screaming the F bomb at the top of my lungs while there are families with children on the shore. 

Okay but let me rationalize this. I had scratched my finger, which meant that sharks were going to smell my blood and come eat me. Obviously

So turns out Kacey was right, and we finally made it onto shore as opposed to getting eaten by sharks. 

As we're walking up (Kacey with a bigger cut than me on her leg. Just had to show me up, huh Kace?), we finally make it back to Lauren's parents. The families around us are watching as the scene I was causing is finally coming to an end. 

But Laur's parents?

"Oh hey girls! How was the snorkeling?"

It was fucking awesome, guys. Thanks for asking. 


Kate Sparkles said...

Wow it looks like such a fun trip! The first vacation wothout your parents is always amazing!

JRuud said...

So much fun!!

Loving your blog. I want to go to Santa Barbara sometime !! My boyfriend's family all lives out there!

Anonymous said...

ooh...I really like your blog! Wonderful post;)

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In the earlier, thanks!