Thursday, May 23, 2013

Getting Healthy (Part 3)

This is part of a 3 part series. To find parts 1 and 2, go here and here.

Okay, before I even start this post, let me tell you how God is funny. Cue to: yesterday evening. 

If you didn't catch it here, my responsibilities at work have changed in the last few weeks. And by that, I mean they pretty much doubled. And it's a huge blessing, believe me! I love what I'm doing now; I'm extremely interested in the subject, and am loving the increased responsibility. But it's a lot more than what I was doing a few weeks ago. 

So, as a result, both Tuesday and Wednesday night, I had to stay a little late to finish up my work. AKA had to work right on through that work out time that I was discussing yesterday. On Tuesday, I was a bit bummed about missing my favorite class, but I rolled with it. 

Come yesterday? Not quite so graceful. I was legit upset that I had to cancel a running date, and was seriously considering skipping community group to go for a much needed run. 

Until it hit me. That I had literally just written a post on how working out does not define me. It's great to get a high from the burn, but whether I work out 7 days a week or 0, it doesn't change me. Sure, I might feel a little leaner after some solid work outs, and I may be loving that extra confidence boost of looser clothes, but that's where part 1 of this series comes in. 

Those perks to working out? They are not what make me beautiful. 
Jesus is what makes me beautiful

And so I, myself, had to remember that this week. 


Getting Healthy: Healthy Nutrition

Of all 3 parts in this series, this part was the hardest for me. This part is the one that takes the daily commitment, and this is the one where I fall short the most. 

And you know what? That's okay! We all have our strengths, and our weaknesses. We all have things that come easy to us, and things that require time and dedication. Getting myself into the routine of making healthy eating choices is absolutely one that requires time and dedication for me. But it's also one that I am now happy to make sure I put in the time and dedication that it deserves. 

I was a girl who bounced between diets. Special K? I've done it. Counting calories? Yupp. "Let's eat only fruits and vegetables for a week"? Yes, even that. 

Diets came and went, with no lasting change. I got over the Special K products, counting calories got exhausting, and let's face it: you can only eat so many fruits and vegetables before you get sick of them. 

So I thought that maybe if I focused on working out, I could forget about these strict diet changes and each whatever I want. 




In the beginning of 2012, I was working out more than I ever had before. A month passed, then two, then six: no change. It was getting to be a bit frustrating, how was I spending so much more time in the gym, and not seeing any results? 

It was then that I realized how important nutrition is. It really is essential to having a healthy lifestyle. But learning that and applying it are two different things, am I right? 

I'm not sure if I ever even mentioned it on the blog, but it wasn't far into 2013 that I realized what my word for the year was: surrender. 

I surrendered my financesmy dating life, and yes, I even surrendered my nutrition. And only 5 months in, I am already amazed at how much God has blessed my surrender. 

So what do I mean by "I surrendered my nutrition"? I prayed about it. I got on my knees, and told God that I needed help. I found that when I didn't make wise eating choices, it lead to me feeling bad about myself. And when I felt bad about myself, I ran to seek comfort, approval and validation. 

But 9 out of 10 times, I didn't run to God. 

So I said enough was enough, and I asked for help. And I'm so thankful that I did. I have found a new sense of self control with my diet that I never had before. I haven't had meat in 8 months, and just went full vegetarian a few weeks ago. I gave up chocolate for lent, and gave up all sugar in April. 

And I'm not here to preach about these diet choices of mine. I'm not saying meat is bad, and I'm certainly an advocate of treating yourself to sweets. I have incorporated sugar back into my diet since April, and I've had my fair share of delicious treats. 

The point is: I learned this year that I am in control of my nutrition. That control that I was desperately searching for with my eating disorder, I've now found it in a healthy way. I've learned that the best way to eat healthy is to actually do your research. What foods are good for you? What foods aren't? How much protein does this have? How much fat is in it? 

These are things that I never knew before, and now I'm thankful for the learning process. I'm thankful that I'm interested in learning how to best feed my body, and I'm thankful that there is grace when I say screw it! And go for the giant burrito or piece of homemade cake. 

I'm thankful for the healthy mindset that I've found, and the healthy work out plan that has now become a lifestyle. 

I started this series with this, and I'm going to end it with it as well:

I view my relationship with health in a similar way to how I view my relationship with God, always needing time, commitment and dedication. Just like with my faith, some days I rock it, and some days I blow it. That's just how life goes, am I right? 

But the point is, regardless of if it's a day where I'm rocking it or where I'm blowing it, I'm


Leah said...

girl, you rock! so awesome you have learned this and are surrendering it all to the Lord. you go friend!!

Hilda said...

Great post! yes, God helps us in everything. All we need to do is ask. And I would so head for that slice of cake, yum! :P

Abigail Jasmine said...

Amen, amen! You can do it girl!!!

Rainey said...

Amen, sister! I have found that by not worrying so much about it, I have actually maintained a decent weight. I watch my portions and if I eat a sweet for breakfast, then I know that I need to eat healthy the rest of the day. Sure, should I completely give up sugar for awhile? Yes, but not right now and I'm fine with that. It's all about perspective, moderation and not being glutenous.

Jordan said...

Changing the way I ate made a HUGE difference! I, like you, was spending so much time working out but wasn't yielding any results! "Abs are made in the kitchen." <-- FACT. It's all about balance!