Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Getting Healthy (Part 1)

This week, I have it on my heart to share my experience with getting healthy. I don't think anyone will be surprised to hear that I am constantly hearing about diets, work out plans, and everything else that is health, fitness or nutrition related. It's a huge part of our culture, consuming minds of all ages and genders. 

I want to share my experience of getting healthy because I can 100% say I am finally in a place where I am happy with my health. I view my relationship with health in a similar way to how I view my relationship with God, always needing time, commitment and dedication. Just like with my faith, some days I rock it, and some days I blow it. That's just how life goes, am I right? 

But the point is, regardless of if it's a day where I'm rocking it or where I'm blowing it, I'm

And it's taken me a long time to get here.  

So this week, I'll be sharing with you my experience of getting healthy. A three part series. 

Because before I could even think about nutrition or fitness, I had to focus on my mind. 

Getting Healthy: A Healthy Mindset

For me, finding a healthy mindset was essential to ever getting to a place of lasting results. You see, for years I let my mind wander to an extremely unhealthy place, and it took a lot of time & love from Jesus to reverse that. 

I opened up about my struggle with an eating disorder once before on the blog, so if you're interested in hearing about my battle with bulimia, feel free to read more here. Bulimia had an incredibly profound impact on me emotionally. It was so much more than just a quick way to get thin. On the contrary, I quickly realized it yielded no such results. 

Struggling with that eating disorder dragged me into a very dangerous place of turning to food for comfort. And not just turning to food itself, but turning to the fact that I had "control" over that food. When things got too overwhelming, I said screw it. I'm gonna go indulge in whatever the heck I feel like, and take "control" over how it affects my body. 

The thing is, in an attempt to gain control, I really lost it. 

So, back to the main point here. How did I get healthy?

I changed my mindset. I took a good, hard look in the mirror, and realized that I am beautiful 
just the way I am, no changes necessary. 

And I'm not beautiful because of the number on the scale, the clothes that I wear, or the color of my hair. I'm not beautiful because of my complexion, my fashion accessories, or even because of how I feel when I look in the mirror. 

I am beautiful because the Bible tells me so. I am beautiful because Jesus tells me so. 

I am beautiful because I am wonderfully and fearfully made. 

And I'm here to tell you that you are, too. 

And upon learning this, my mission to get healthy changed a bit. I no longer focused on a goal weight, goal clothing size, or even a goal of how I want to look in the mirror. 

My new goal was to treat this beautiful body that my Heavenly Father made with the respect it deserves. My new goal was to treat this body with love that I had been neglecting myself for years. 

You see, changing my mindset changed everything. Because treating my body with the respect it deserves? That was a goal I was willing to commit to. 


Heather Leigh said...

100% Truth!! I think a major problem is our culture is that we also compare ourselves to often with others. We assume of we can't fit into the same size clothing as our friends or even models we're ugly which is the farthest from the truth! Great post girlie! XoXO

Hilda said...

I agree with Heather! society today is too materialistic, stereotypical and judgmental. We need to learn to focus what is on the inside and appreciate how we are on the outside because God made us that way. :D

Mosby Hardin said...

You are so right that having a healthy mindset is the first step to becoming healthy! I have had to work hard on telling myself it is not about being skinny, but about being healthy and creating a temple for God. I love that you have shared this:)

Pamela said...

Love!! Everything you said is so true. Once I started losing weight, it hit me that my body is a temple. I already knew that but for some reason it hit me hard then. He wants us to be healthy. He wants us to strive to be the best, with our bodies & with Him.

Eleanor Harte said...

"My new goal was to treat this beautiful body that my Heavenly Father made with the respect it deserves." --- I LOVE THAT! That is so much more meaningful to me than trying to get myself to lose weight so I am at a goal weight. I'm definitely not in shape and hope to lose somewhere in the range of 50 pounds. But that's so much that sometimes it feels not even worth it. But if I wake up every day and pledge to treat my body with the respect it deserves, I can do that.

The Pink Growl said...

You are so right! PS- I've been following you on Twitter & Instagram forever, but just now followed your blog. LOVE IT! I'm struggling with stress/emotional eating issues right now which has unfortunately caused me to do nothing but gain weight and get down on myself. I've got to take the control back.

Julie said...

Whew I so needed to hear this! I struggle with accepting myself just as I am but it's something I'm getting better at. Knowing that God made me who I am puts it into such a perspective that I feel it's impossible to not feel I'm beautiful! I love how you live a healthy lifestyle in order to respect the body God gave you because that's how I've been thinking about it too! We want to give the Lord our best and neglecting taking care of the very vessel we use to worship Him isnt going to help us at all! You are beautiful inside and out Amy :) love you so much girl!

Heather said...

This is so true! We are told everywhere, if we're not stick thin we're "unhealthy." It is untrue. Some people who are think as a rail are some of the unhealthiest people!

I'm getting to a place where I like my body. I have a severe fear of getting "fat", both my parents are overweight and it stems from that. I need to look at myself, and instead of seeing all the things I hate...look at all the things I love about my body!

Great post friend!

Olivia said...

I love this post! You are awesome and so brave, girl! I can't wait to read the next two posts, I am just now getting to this point and I can't wait to see where it takes me.

Jordan said...

Great minds think alike! :) Loved reading more about the transition and beginning stages. Can't wait to read more!

Leah said...

treating your body with the respect it deserves. I LOVE THAT.
wonderful post amy!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

"I am beautiful because I am wonderfully and fearfully made."

Yes. Yes. YES! God created us and His artwork is masterful. We were the crowning jewel of creation. That says a lot. :) Looking forward to reading the next two parts! :)

Natasha said...

This post made my heart sing. It is so often that people choose to lose weight to look good in expensive clothes or wear a tiny swimsuit, but your choice to just do right for the body God gave you is such an inspiration.

Jess said...

So very true! I think I'm going to write that verse down on my bathroom mirror so when I get into that mode where I start downing what I think my flaws are physically - I will remember that I am just as I was created to be :)