Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Getting Healthy (Part 2)

This is part of a 3 part series. To read part 1, go here.

Out of all 3 parts of this series, part 2 was the easiest lifestyle change for me to make. I'm not sure why, as my work out routine had always been pretty inconsistent prior to 2012. But that year was a year of change for me, and my commitment to fitness was a pleasant outcome of all of those changes. 

I imagine that everyone has certain parts of this series that they will excel at. Whether you've been blessed with a healthy mindset your entire life, or simply have a knack for eating healthy. For me, it was the work out segment that came naturally, once I got in my groove. So without further adieu, part 2:

Getting Healthy: A Healthy Work Out Schedule

I'm gonna start with the advice I know you've already heard: find a type of exercise that you enjoy. And now, I'm gonna ask you, what is it that you enjoy?

Do you enjoy being outdoors? Hiking, biking or running are right up your alley. 

Do you love having someone to motivate you and take the pressure off of creating your own work out routine? Then you'll love group fitness classes. 

Are you a water person? Swimming is where it's at for you. 

There are so many different ways to get that exercise in. So find something that you enjoy, and do it! Better yet, find a few things that you enjoy so that you can have variety to your schedule. 

I'm 100% a cyclical person. I go through running phases, group fitness phases, and hiking phases. I'll run on the treadmill for 3 straight months and then ditch it for 3 months on the elliptical. But you know what phase I've officially out grown? The no-working-out phase.

Something that has really helped me is to start thinking "when am I going to work out today?" versus "am I going to work out today?" That one extra word seems to make all the difference for me. Sure! There are still plenty of days where it just doesn't work out {like yesterday, for example!}. But there are plenty more days where it does. 

Committing to a healthy work out schedule was easy once I realized how much happier I was with consistency. However, there was something important that I learned long after I had the schedule down. 

I love the high that I get from working out, I really do. But I reached a point where I realized I was using that high in an unhealthy way. Was I working out an unhealthy amount? No. Oh the contrary, I'm sure my body loved the consistent kick in the butt work out. 

But was I turning to working out in an unhealthy way? Yes. In much the same way as I was previously turning to food for comfort, I was now turning to working out for comfort. I realized this when I couldn't work out for a few days because of being sick, and immediately ran elsewhere for comfort. {There's your back story on this post}

So, this is why getting a healthy work out routine is part 2 on my list instead of part 1. I had to make maintaining a healthy mindset my first priority over maintaining a healthy work out routine, in order to truly find 
a healthy me. 

Once I realized this, I could go back to kicking butt in the gym or out on the trails without turning to these things for my identity. My identity lies in Jesus Christ first and foremost, and it's from Him that the strength was found to finally commit to a work out routine that led me to my 
happy, healthy spot. 


Jordan said...

I love this! Having a healthy mindset is so so important and is a huge part of our overall health. Such a great post reflecting that!

PS - the URL to your last link is missing the last part of it - just add "html" to it and it should fix it! :)

Pamela said...

I love being in this phase! I feel so much better when I work out, & when I don't work out I feel so sluggish! Loving these posts!

Hilda said...

I clicked on the link to your backstory but it says the page does not exist. :(

Amy said...

@Jordan, thank you girl for letting me know about the broken link!

And @Hilda, fixed it! Try again now :)

Hilda said...

yay it works now! Thanks Amy! :D Walking down the path to the truth is hard but what matters is that we try and with the intention to do good. I admit, I have my days when I have doubts and afraid of things like my mom losing her job. God has provided for us that people couldn't believe. so why am I worried about my mom's job?

The Pink Growl said...

I get that high from a consistent workout schedule too. It's just such a good feeling! I also love switching up my workouts and trying new things. Zumba is one of my favs!

Leah said...

working out is usually the part i struggle with the most, although i'll admit to receiving that high after a workout. it makes me feel invicible, but the pain is the worst! okay i'm just being dramatic now, but you're right, once you get into the groove, it gets easier. loving this series!

Julie said...

I've definitely found this part harder sometimes but for the most part I've really loved getting into a workout routine! It really makes you feel SO good and healthy. I'm so glad you've found the right relationship with exercise. Your determination and intensity really inspires me to work out harder!

katie_shannon said...

I agree - for me the working out part is the easiest to set, it's the eating that is just this constant never ending battle.

Eleanor Harte said...

Oops, I stink at this. Once I've been going for a bit it's super easy to stick with it, but if I miss a time or too, I'm done - I really need to be better at allowing for mistakes and not letting them ruin me!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Oh oh! I'm with you! I am definitely cyclical when it comes to exercise. I go through running phases or biking phases or hiking phases (honestly, I love this all the time - I just don't like being outside when it's super cold or rainy). All kinds of fun exercises. :) You're so right - exercise can be fun and it's important to find something you enjoy doing. :)