Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Today's prompt was a tricky one: what makes you afraid? 

I couldn't decide, do I go the serious route? Or do I stick with spiders, needles, and the moms on Dance Moms?

Don't worry ladies, I decided to go the serious route. 

So what makes me afraid? 

I gave this a lot of thought. My initial responses were rejection and never getting married. But, I realized that those are things that I used to be afraid of. God has been so kind to help me find peace in Him and His plan, and that peace has really helped me get over those fears. 

So hmm.. rejection, never getting married,

guess I'm not afraid of anything!



Did you believe me for even a minute? 

Ha, didn't think so. 

I had to really think about it, what am I honestly afraid of? And I realized that my biggest fear is losing a loved one. Specifically, someone in my family. 

I've never lost anyone close to me before, but I have watched people very close to me go through that. Of course it gives me peace to trust in God and His plan, but that doesn't make the thought of losing someone I love any less scary. 

So Mom, I know you read my bog. Eat your veggies, k? I love you a whole lot. 


Hilda said...

that is so sweet. I agree, that is very scary!

Victoria said...

so true!! one of my fears,too!

Leah said...

yep i fear that so much to a point if i dwell on it, i cry rivers! i don't think i'd be able to handle it.
and dance moms and real housewives. i'd fear having them for friends. those women are crazy!

Anonymous said...

Losing a loved one is one of the worst experiences but God is with us all the way and blesses us with amazing comfort!

Kerrie Williams said...

You're the sweetest. I fear losing people too -- not for them, because I know that the best place one can be is with Jesus! But I don't want to have to finish up here without them! Especially Wade. But even more, I fear dying because of this guilt I feel about leaving someone else to be sad! It's crazy.

Christina @ The Murrayed Life said...

I hear ya girl. That was my serious one too. I am especially worried about someone I love getting cancer, because I haven't really been personally touched by it yet. So don't become friends with me. It could then be you... (I'd wink, but that seems a bit too inappropriate there.)

Sarah S. said...

wow, I can totally relate. My husband lost his grandpa just last week, and my mom just lost an Aunt who she was very close to. I have no idea what that feels like and I dread the day it happens.

Jessi Spencer said...

It's great to see how God has worked in your heart to expel fears!! I know that losing a loved one can definitely be something scary but what a comfort to know that God is still looking out for us and will help us through. Thanks for being vulnerable and open! =]

Kiki said...

It is SO encouraging to see how God's worked and is working in your heart to live fearlessly. Like, SOOO incredibly encouraging for me to read today. :)

Anonymous said...

Great post. You remind me of a budding flower. The more you open up the more beautiful you become to the world around you.

Losing someone close to you is very scary. I've lost some close family members and it does hurt......lots of hugs and lots of tears.

Take care and keep it up my friend!


Heather said...

This is one of my worst fears too. I've lost someone incredibly close to me over 10 years ago, but I've not experienced that "pain" as an adult. I dread it to my core.