Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lower Body BLAST

I've taken a lot of gym classes in my day. There's something about having someone force me to work out hard for a solid 60 minutes that just works for me. 

What can I say, I let myself slack sometimes. But instructors? They sure as heck won't. And considering I worked at an Athletic Club for my first job, I've had some pretty amazing instructors. 

Turns out, none of the instructors I've had compare to Christine, who teaches Lower Body Blast. She will seriously kick your ass every.single.week. 

And guess what? Been taking this class for about 4 months now, and it doesn't get easier

Can you tell that I kind of love her? 

Anywho, enough raving about how amazing this class is. I'm here to share the three secrets to getting a killer leg work out. Best part? You can do then anytime. Anywhere. 

As long as you don't mind people seeing you in some kind of awkward/borderline sexual positions. Minor detail. 

So here you go:

And there you have it folks. It might seem easy, but I promise you, if you do these three exercises for a couple minutes each, you will feel the burn

And then you can thank Christine. 

I certainly do. Since taking her class, I definitely have noticed that my legs feel more toned and defined. It sure makes buying new high heels a lot more exciting. 

And that's what keeps me going every week when I feel like I am going to collapse during plies, squats and lunges. 


Megan said...

Great tips, you gotta do it right to feel that lovely burn!

Daisy said...

Great post, might try these out!
loving the mustard heels by the way!!!