Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Party!

So I think it's official. In our house, we do the Holidays. And we do them right

I give you our Easter Party, as told through pictures:

Getting dinner ready

Our lovely Easter dinner!

Easter dresses
Easter egg jello shots

If you read about our Secret Santa fail, then you'll be proud to know that our Secret Easter Basket exchange was a little more successful. 

Bunny ears = Easter bunny = gift giver, get it?

See, when women organize a gift exchange, it just works and everyone gets a gift. Just saying.

It wouldn't be a proper Easter party without dying eggs, right?

And had to have aprons to protect our Easter dresses.

Let the countdown until the next Roomie Holiday Party begin. 

Cinco de Mayo anyone?

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Kate Sparkles said...

Aww it looks amazing!!