Friday, April 13, 2012

Flashback Friday!

We made it to another Friday! And that means another amazing weekend is only one 8 hour work day away. Phew!

It also means that it's time for Flashback Friday. This week's flashback is dedicated to my new travel buddy!

Yupp, that's right. Big plans were made this week. A tradition was decided that starting summer 2013, Kacey and I will be taking trips together every other year. Big trips, folks. I'm talking Europe, South America, tropical cruises. It's going down. 

Kace, I hope you realize that since I've officially blogged about this, there's no turning back now. You're stuck with me. 

So back to the flashback. Kacey and I are both UC girls:

Any incoming freshman will know that this means we started a whole month later than all other freshmen. 

30. long. days. 

So what did we do with those 30. long. days? 

Why we started training to be the best picture whore freshmen that we could possibly be, that's what. 

And we didn't just stick to her living room. Come on, what kind of amature picture whores would we be if we didn't switch up our location?

We went to football games:

The beach:

I think we took more pictures than most freshmen did in that first month. 

And to prepare ourselves for the reckless freshmen that we were about to become, we even practiced breaking rules at the race tracks:



Not sure the world is ready for this jetsetting duo. 

But hey, the UC System survived. 

Happy Friday!

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