Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ohh This Is Gonna Be A Good Life

Yeah, you know what song I'm talking about. It's on the radio only like 100x a day, but I'm okay with that because I just love it. One of those songs that I can blast and scream along the words while rocking my yeah-I'm-dancing-while-driving dance moves. You think I'm joking, but I'm notorious for singing along to Sorry friends.

Right now, I sure feel like I'm living the good life. I had a little funk a few weeks back (a break up will do that to ya), but I'm back, and it feels damn good. 

Last Saturday we went out for breakfast and mimosa brunch. It was so much fun hanging out with great roommates/friends and enjoying some good food and mimosas (this girl here was DD, so no mimosas for me). Major plus was when our one hour bottomless mimosa brunch turned into a three hour long bottomless mimosa brunch. Thank you friendly bartender. 

The whole Mimosa Brunch crew + the amazing bartender on the right
The roommates

This weekend, the fun didn't stop on Sunday. All of us roommates had bought a Living Social for chocolate and tequila tasting a few months ago. It's been so hard to find a night that works for all 5 of us, but we finally were all free this Monday. It was so nice to spend a night all together, not to mention the appetizers were delicious. And the chocolate. But I'll be real and say that I'm not the best at sipping tequila, so I may have struggled a bit there. There just might have been a few really cute facial expressions coming from my direction of the table. 

Basically it was another amazing time with good friends.

Pre-tequila tasting
Post-tequila tasting

We joke that Kim has a way of looking like a Mexican model in all of her pictures:

Clearly this is because she is tall, tan and beautiful. Kelly and I attempted to recreate this pose:

Well, we did the best we could.

Cheers to the good life.

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