Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fit Club Update

It's Monday, and that means it's time for my first Fit Club update. Last week, I wrote about my fitness and health goals for 2012 here. It's been a week, and some goals have been easier to stick with than others (to be expected, right?). Let's start with the positive, shall we?

I made it to the gym 5 times this week! + a Sunday morning hike

Monday: Boot Camp class (1 hr)
Tuesday: Lower Body Blast class (1hr)
Wednesday: Took a day off
Thursday: 35 minutes on the treadmill (3.6 miles)
Friday: Spin class (30 min)
Saturday: 25 minutes on the treadmill (2.5 miles)
Sunday: Hike (2 hrs)

Turns out getting a routine down can be pretty helpful for making sure I get in my gym time. I've actually really enjoyed mixing up my work outs, since I can get bored pretty easily. The boot camp and lower body blast classes are really awesome for pushing me to my limits, and making sure I get a nice long work out in (I am usually dying and looking prettyy cute after these classes). I've never been much of a runner, so the treadmill has been a really great challenge for me. This Thursday I ran a straight 5K without stopping, and I have NEVER been able to go that far. I got so excited that I took a picture: 

Yeah I know, I'm cool like that. The spin class was challenging and a great way to start my Friday morning (it was at 6AM!), and the hike was BEAUTIFUL. I definitely need to start hiking more to really appreciate how lucky I am to be living in gorgeous Santa Barbara. 

Kristen and I at the end of our hike
Aaand to the more challenging part of my week, the 80/20 rule. I would say this week I did more of a 60/40 rule, so I've got a bit of improving to do. I really like my carbs, so cutting down on breads, rices and pastas is proving to be a bit of a challenge. But I know I can do it, so this week my goal is to focus on making healthier eating options. I plan on cooking up some healthy meals, so expect a post including some recipes next Monday (you know they'll be quick and easy if I'm cooking them!)

I hope everyone had a good weekend! I certainly did, but more on that to come. 

Happy Monday!


Daisy said...

Wow, well done you on all the workouts and your progress on the tredmill!
You did amazing.

Kim said...

Seriously, I love the carbs too. So hard to cut out! But good for you with all that working out! I'm jealous...wish I was a better runner, but I just can't do it. I do enjoy taking classes though, especially step aerobics. And if it were warm enough to go hiking here (and in shorts!), I totally would. Back to jealous again. Hahaha! Thanks for linking up this week!

Hanna said...

Great job Amy!!! Thank you for tour kind words on my blog!! I greatly appreciate the Support!! And I LoVE Santa Barbara!!! I lived there for 2 blissful years when I was 18-20:) I had a lot of fun!!!!

Chappell of Love said...

Way to go on the work outs. I would love to do a spin class.

Erin said...

Oh man, hiking is the best isn't it! It makes you appreciate your surroundings so much and gives you a chance to just relax with your thoughts and a friend. Great work on the workouts this week! Keep it up and you'll get there with the 80/20 too, slowly but surely :)

Erin @

Vanessa said...

What a great workout routine!
I think you have a awesome place to go hking! I can't wait until the winter cold & snow is gone so I can get outdoors more!