Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nor Cal: 2, Amy: 0

This was my second time making the drive up the Nor Cal by myself. Even though it's typically a 5+ hour drive (made the drive back in 4 and a half hours, hollaa) I really don't mind making the trip alone. I'm one of those blasting-music-while-driving-is-therapy kinds of people, so give me some decent tunes and I'm good to go. 

Before I get to discussing this most recent road trip, let's back track a bit, shall we? If you saw the title of this post, you may have realized that Nor Cal has 2 points, not 1. Soo rewind to this past July, when I'm making my longest drive yet. Alone. 

It's dark. Scary. There's no one else on the road. 

Just kidding. I left SB around 3, so it's still semi light out by the time I have to get gas. I've got about an hour or so left of the drive, so it's probably around 7 ish. I'm gonna be real and say that I actually have no clue what time it was or how light it was outside. Mah bad. 

I pull into the gas station. My phone rings. I answer it and tell my friend that I'm about an hour away getting gas. I hang up, finish loading up Ginny (yupp, my car has a name) and hit the road again. I'm driving, blasting music as usual, when I glance down at my purse and notice no hot pink phone cover. 

Oh. Crap. 

I go to turn around and head back to the gas station only to realize that somehow I changed freeways. At this point, I start freaking out a bit. Luckily heading back in the direction that I came from got me back onto the right freeway. I get back to the gas station and just hope that my phone is conveniently lying on the ground in plain sight. 

It's not. 

Replaying everything in my head, I put the pieces together that I put my phone on top of my car to finish up the gas process (something I never do), and must have driven off like that. Do I have the phone numbers of anyone that I'm visiting memorized? Of course not. 

Luckily I wrote down directions (I usually just use my phone. Never do that anymore) so I knew where I was going. Definitely was freaking out a bit that I had nobody's phone numbers memorized should anything happen. There may have been some hyper ventilating. Cute, I know. Needless to say I survived the traumatizing experience of my first road trip alone and sans cell phone. 

Nor Cal: 1, Amy: 0

Aaand this brings us to point # 2. Started the drive at noon this time, so had plenty additional hours of day light ahead of me. I was trying to document everything real good, pictures of the gorgeous coast view, getting a shot of any road sign with San Francisco written on it, all that good stuff. I had about fifteen failed pictures of the road signs, so I had it all planned out to have a bloopers section to show my wonderful photography. 

I make it to Nor Cal. Kayla and I head over to a concert where her friend's band is playing. We have ourselves one of the infamous bathroom photo shoots. Walk over to a bar to meet up with another friend from college, and take more photos before my camera runs out of batteries (the dang thing does that all.the.time). 

Where are these photos, you ask? Why am I talking about them instead of showing them?

Well that would be because I lost my camera the. first. night. 

Nor Cal: 2, Amy: 0

The one picture I have from Friday. Thank you cell phone.
Now don't worry, what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't run along to Best Buy to replace my camera so that I could take pictures of the rest of the trip? A bad one, duh. Luckily, I had already wanted to replace my camera.

I'll save the rest of the pictures for tomorrow when there will be lots more pictures and lots less words (props if you made it all the way to the end of this post). 

Oh yeah, and linking up for Talk To Us Tuesday. 


Nadine Hightower said...

such rotten luck!

Impulsive Addict said...

So did you ever find your phone? You lost your phone and your camera??? OMG. That's just bad luck. You poor thing.

Thank you so much for linking up with us! We love newbies!!

Impulsive Addict said...

At least I think this was your first time to link up. I can't remember. Maybe not. I was up early. HA!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Ohhhhh man, that sounds like something I would do. Did you ever find your phone, or did you end up having to replace that too?

Skylanders Craze Part 2, Wishing for Snow and Advanced Potty Training: RTT Rebel

insomnia said...

I have been lost a ton of times alone and with the fam. I just pretend I kno where I am. And if I get off the intended route due to detour, I always follow the local's car ahead of me. I Love long road trips with the radio and my own head. It is fun.

Amy said...

@IA and Stacy: No, I didn't find my phone! Thank goodness for insurance!

Anonymous said...

I am a music blaster when driving too.

I would have freaked out losing my phone and camera.

Stacie said...

Ugh, I hate driving myself. I kind of treat my hubs like my personal chaffeur....but don't tell him, he hasn't caught on yet!