Thursday, January 19, 2012


As I was leaving San Francisco, I was stopped at a red light. 

A homeless man was standing on the corner, right next to my window. 

I had gotten some extra cash for the ride home, and I never carry cash. So I reached into my wallet to pull out some money to give the man. I had two $5s, and one $1. I didn't want to give him only $1, so I grabbed a $5. 

I rolled down my window to give him the money. He took it from me and said "God bless you." I said the same. He looked down to see what was in his hand. His jaw dropped. 

"Oh my gosh" is what he said. He looked completely shocked. I am assuming he was expected just $1. I watched as he put his hands together to say a prayer. 

He was so thankful. For just $5

It was the best money spent during my entire trip. 

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Impulsive Addict said...

You did a very nice random act of kindness! I set my goal up for 10 random acts of kindness this year. I have YET to complete one. I totally should work on that.