Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Weekend mornings hold a special place in my heart. There's just something beautiful about waking up without the dreaded sound of an alarm, isn't there? 

This past Saturday, I woke up to a dark sky. It wasn't so much the open my eyes -- stretch a bit -- roll over to go back to sleep type of awake. It wasn't even the open my eyes -- stretch a bit -- reach down to check my phone -- roll over to go back to sleep type of awake. 

It was awake awake. 

And it was also 5:26 AM. 

Now, I'm gonna go ahead and guess that a lot of people would be legit pissed at this point. It's kind of an underlying truth of adulthood, isn't it? You're never able to sleep in when you have the time to. 

But I wasn't pissed. I've come to really appreciate mornings like this. Mornings where I have hours ahead of me with no commitments. 


I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I often find myself dreaming of future seasons. After all, the saying "the grass is always greener" got popular for a reason, right? 

Right now, there are a lot of future seasons ahead of me. There's the season of dating, embarking in a committed relationship with a man of God. 

There's the season of engagement. Making it official that I have limited days as Miss Amy Reed ahead of me, and marking that I will soon be making vows to spend the rest of my life with another. 

There's the season of being a newlywed. I'm sure this season will entail a lot of awkwardness as I start living with a man for the first time in my life, but it will also mark an incredible season of love. 

And of course, there's the season of parenthood. The sleepless nights, soccer practices, dance recitals, and I'm sure a lot of pulling my hair out. 

Will all of these seasons happen? God knows the answer to that. 

But am I left with a lot of potential future seasons to dream about? You bet. 


This particular Saturday morning, at approximately 5:30 AM, I realized something. I realized how priceless these mornings are to me, in my current season. 

These mornings where it's just me and God. Where I can immediately start my day without distractions, in prayer with Him. Where there's no stress, only peace. Because it's just me. Getting ready for whatever the day has ahead of me. 

These weekend mornings where I can fill those first few hours with whatever my little heart desires. Whether it's reading the Bible, journaling, or catching up on my favorite tv shows. 

I'm a big believer that there is beauty in every season. And it's important to recognize that, and appreciate it so you don't miss that beauty. 

Because before you know it, you will wake up and find yourself in an entirely different season, rejoicing over something entirely new. Or, facing new struggles. 


So I made a vow to God this past Saturday morning. I vowed that I want to try my darn hardest to wake up every single morning, and immediately give thanks to God for this season. 

To thank Him for these mornings. And to really, truly appreciate them. 

Because I know it's only a matter of time before I'm waking up to a snoring husband or screaming children. 

So in this season of singleness, I will walk in thankfulness. 


courtney {splendid actually} said...

You are absolutely right! We let our season change before we can truly appreciate them.

missy. said...

So true. Miss your face girl! xoxo

Nicole Joelle said...

This is a wonderful (and healthy) perspective, Amy. I remember the season of singleness very well and it seemed so overwhelming--but now, when I look back, it was such a sweet season! Enjoy it :)

Kiki said...

You are so right. There is definitely beauty in every season! And can I just say how much I love how you share these little lessons that you've learned from God? Because I really do! The lessons that you learn really teach me how to live and love God to the fullest. Love, love, love your heart! :)

Julie said...

So beautiful. Love love love. You are so right and I love how we've both been feeling this way lately! We need to enjoy where God has put us right now and never take any moment for granted. Because like you said, that will all change before we know it! Then we'll be in a new season of life looking back at what we had wishing we would have enjoyed it more. I don't want to let that happen!

So excited to see where this realization and thankfulness take you Amy! In life and your relationship with God. Love you!

Oh, and I'm a huge fan of quiet morning hours too :)

Leah said...

This is so good sweet friend. I love that you recognize it as a season for just you and God. That made my heart melt. What better way to prepare for the other seasons to come!

Elizabeth Mayberry said...

have you read 1000 gifts?!?! it is a lot like what you are talking about! seeing the good, the grace, the joy, and the gifts the Lord has for us each day. in this season. in this moment.

i am excited for you to embrace the gift of today!!

Anonymous said...

Well said my friend. It's like walking through a beautiful garden and stopping to smell the roses.


carr_gill said...

Thank you for this post! SUCH a great reminder. Praying for a great season for you:) and all the other ladies reading! You are EXACTLY where you need to be.

Heather said...

This is so true! I'm trying to live in this season of unmarked-ness and be thankful for it! Even if I am counting down the days til I say "I do!" :)

Alessandra Ferguson said...

So good! I wrote a post on this a couple months ago about embracing our current season. It really is easy to look ahead, but we don't want to miss all that we have today!

Anonymous said...

Your post was just so encouraging! We all definitely should wake up and the first thing we do is give thanks to God! Love your posts!

itriharder said...

1. Never call 5:30AM early again. Haha. That's when I start work.
2. This was a great post! Thanks for sharing!

Cassie said...

LOVE this.

I never thought of it this way in my singleness - to be thankful for this 'season.'

It may not always be this way and I need to spend time thanking God for why I am where I am....right now.

Thank you for posting this. :)