Wednesday, April 10, 2013

On Healing

Our God is in the business of healing. 

Did you know that? He loves to heal. I believe that broken things exist in this world to show how much He loves to heal His children. 

Broken bodies. Broken bones. 
Broken families. Broken hearts. 
Our God is close to the broken, isn't He? 

I am in a season of healing. 

The very beginning phases. Because in order to be healed, you have to admit that you're broken, don't you? 

And the truth is, I've known I was broken. I came to Jesus because I realized that I was broken, and wanted to be healed. 

I just didn't realize what that would entail.  I didn't realize just
how broken I really am. 

But let me iterate something to you. Realizing you are broken 
may sound like a sad thing.  

And I will be honest and say that no, it's not a fun thing.  It's a journey, a very humbling journey. One that may seem daunting, at first. 

But a sad thing?  That it's not. 

Because with Jesus, 
brokenness is a beautiful thing. 

Brokenness is an open invitation for the healing of our Lord, and Savior.  And because of that, I will never be ashamed to admit that I am broken. 

In this season of mine, God is showing me the parts of me that He wants to heal. He is showing me recent things, things from 5 years ago, things from 15 years ago

And there is a part of me that wants to avoid this. To just bypass it completely, or at the very least, to hide it. 

I need healing from that? How pathetic am I?

But I have to stop myself from that mindset. I have to put my foot down, and recognize that
those are lies

My Heavenly Father is chasing after me to heal every single hurt that my heart has ever experienced, no matter how insignificant the hurt may seem to me. He wants to reverse that pain, to make me feel how incredibly loved I truly am.

I mean, come on ladies, how romantic is that?

So I will embrace this season of healing. 

I will overcome every lie that the world has ever told me about myself. And step into the light of my true identity in Christ. 

Overcome The lie

Have you heard about Overcome The Lie, yet?

This is a group empowering a generation of women to overcome every lie because 
Jesus overcame the grave. 

Join us, and overcome the lies in your life. 

Jesus loves you, oh so much. 

Our God is in the business of healing. How can He heal you today?


Ashley Beaudin said...

So beautiful and I am major excited for you Amy in this new season!

Leslie @ Body Won't Break said...

I am so excited for you to begin receiving healing. Healing is a process. I am still healing from things from years ago.

I love that we serve a God who cares enough to heal us from things in the past - not just things of the now.

And PS: you are strong and brave to seek healing. It is hard.

Chelsea Coleen said...

you are so awesome. so was this post! so happy. such an inspiration!

Danielle Wilson said...

Such an encouraging post! I will be praying for you!

Julie said...

YES! So much hope and encouragement in this post, Amy! You have a gift with radiating God's true characteristics and love to others. So thankful today and every day to come that our God is the healer of our lives. He's just wonderful, am I right?!

Leah said...

yes i totally agree. we can't be healed if we don't recognize our broken state. I love reading about how God is healing, loving and comforting all of those who come to His feet, including you sweet friend.
He who began the good work in you, will continue to the end. bless you sister!!

Melissa Jo said...

On easter sunday my pastor did a stirring message - In it were 4 terms that described where we are in our relationship with Christ. Search, rescue, restore, redeem. Search, We aren't actively quite there ... yet. Christ is search for us. Rescue, the part where we allow him to swoon us off our feet. Restore (where you are) he does this bit by bit, piece by doesn't happen overnight. Lastly, redeem. He want to use ME and you !!! HE WANTS TO USE OUR STORY! How is confident heart coming along??

Ashleigh said...

This is a wonderful real post! My thoughts & prayers are with you as you go through this healing which will bring you a new way of life!

Nadine said...

At church on sunday, the pastor talked about how the only way for us to experience freedom is to be broken.
You're so beautiful. I'm so glad you recognized your brokenness and came to Jesus!

Anonymous said...

I miss the old Amy and am so sad to hear how much she hated herself.

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

I just read your most recent post. And I. Loved. It. You spoke so much truth in that post. I am so sorry that you had such a hurtful comment. The first one I got on my blog nearly left me in tears so I know how painful it can be. Anyway, I have never thought that you hated yourself, but I loved reading how much you have loved the blessings you've been surrounded with. And I love what you wrote about loving yourself enough to hand everything over to Jesus. Wonderful! :)

Jennifer said...

I love you, girl. :)

Alessandra Ferguson said...

Beautiful Beautiful Words! Found you via Overcome The Lie and looked around your page a little. I love your Blog and most importantly your heart and am defintely going to be following along. I cannot wait to read more.

P.S I am a TOTAL California girl. I was born there, stayed for awhile, moved around a lot and went back. But basically the majority of my life was there in the San Leandro/Oakland/Bay Area. I miss it sooo much! Kiss the California sun and beaches for me! :)

Erika Spitler said...

Amy, you are beautiful + full of boldness. Thank you for your humility, teachable spirit, and real words. Girls need to hear the truth in this post (and even your most recent one). I love that you have been beautifully broken to be made whole. <3

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Amen to that. Being broken allows us to realize what is important in life and brings us closer to God, especially when we are in the healing process. When we are broken and fall to our knees, we are in the best position to kneel and pray.

Chrissy Boerman said...

You are a beautiful girl inside and out. I love your for sharing the ugly side and sharing how God is healing that and making it new.