Thursday, April 25, 2013

Off Days

We all have em, right? Those morning where we wake up and think to ourselves "hmm.. I'd rather not."

That was me this morning. Mainly due to last night's laundry mishap. 

RIP brand new white shirt. And living room: sorry you are covered in soaked clothes. Pleeeeease have them dry for me by this afternoon? 
Thanks, you're a pal.

Funny how a bad mood spirals. Gets you thinking that the best remedy for the bad mood is to sit and sulk in said bad mood. 

"Ugh, I don't want to go to work today. I would rather just sit and lay in bed thinking about how annoyed I am right now."

"And don't even get me started on tonight's run. That sounds awful right now."

Yeah, that was me this morning. 

But the thing is: they're just clothes. The ruined shirt will be replaced at some point, and the soaked clothes will dry. It'd be preferrable if the work out clothes would dry before this evening's run. But if not, hey, maybe it'll make me run faster. 

And as for not looking forward to tonight's run? Well, there are plenty of people who would love to run 10 miles today. 

Like the Boston Marathon victims who have suddenly found themselves without limbs. 

Or my roommate who has found herself in a cast for the next 3 months. 

So on days like today, where running for over an hour and a half just does not sound appealing at all, I will remember how I felt when I had my stress fracture. And all I wanted to do was 
go run. 


You know the upside to an off day? It leaves me on my knees asking God for more of Him, and less of me. 

There's just no where better than kneeling at the foot of the cross, is there? 

Fake it til you make it, I say. I will be in a good mood today. By golly, yes I will. 


Jordan said...

The was me for the entirety of last week! It happens, we can't all be jolly every single day. Hope your day gets better but with your attitude, I already know it will! <3

Kiki said...

Is it weird that I was just about to start a post on something exactly like this? Seriously, I came to this same realization yesterday! :) Thank you for reminding me that we can choose how we react to different situations. I know I've said it before--and this will definitely not be the last--but I LOVE your heart! :)

Melissa Jo said...

I hate those days, where everything goes wrong and you feel like a disaster is right there on the edge. But you then you realize "how selfish am I being right now" I have it SO GOOD. Love you!

Mosby Hardin said...

Days like that are the worst! But I love how awesome an attitude you are having about it. It is all about putting a positive spin on things and telling yourself you are going to be happy and you are going to have a good day. And of course it doesn't hurt to have the always faithful and always there God on your side:) Hope your day gets better love!

itriharder said...

Hey roomie! Did you read my last blog post? Because it pertains to this exact thing!
You are right. I would LOVE to run today, so run hard for me!!! Think of how great it feels to use what you have and how amazing you will feel when you finish!
PS You look SUPER cute, so that is what really matters.

Amy said...

Thanks so much for the supportive comments everyone :)

And @itriharder YES! I saw your post and I loved it!! Especially the part about writing down goals.

Tonight's run is for you lovely. First time doing double digits! I wish you were here to run it with me, but I will use your motivation and drive to push it through to the finish :) LOVE YOU!

Sarah S. said...

I love how you turn a negative to a positive. Have a good day and a great run tonight!

Anonymous said...

You are just so encouraging! When I have rough days all I do is just lay in bed and watch movies haha but you just have such a great attitude and I definitely need to work on that! I know God is so happy when we turn our attitude around and focus on Him. Have a great day:)

Heather said...

Yes!!! You are so incredibly right!!! I had a devotional about this same subject this week and it really struck a cord with me. When I'm having a bad day and it spirals out of control, I need to step back, BREATHE, and thank God for all the blessings he's bestowed upon me!

Hilda said...

Yes, that's what I think and feel too! wow, I never thought of it that way when in a mood. You are so positive, I love it! my friend, you are an inspiration! and I love your smile. makes me want to smile too! :D


Julie said...

You are beautiful inside and out girlie! You have such a special heart from God. So funny, I actually just wrote a similar post about learning to be positive on bad days and turn to God. You're so right– there is nowhere better than at the foot of the cross!