Friday, April 19, 2013

HAPPY Friday!

It's been a great week, so I'd say that calls for a HAPPY Friday post. 

Here we go:

*The fact that today is a flexday makes me happy*

If you're wondering what a flexday is, or what's the deal with the hashtag, check out this post. 

*Starting the Overcome the Lie 40 Day Challenge this week made me happy*

The 40 Day Challenge is a challenge to devote 40 days to being intentional about seeking to understand more about God's love for us. Last Sunday at church, our pastor said something that struck me. He said something along the lines of we will never be able to love others the way that we want to if we don't first understand the way that God loves us

This theme has been hitting me a lot lately. How understanding how much God loves us would radically change everything else in this life. So when the idea of a 40 Day Challenge was thrown out, I was all for it. 

I will be fasting from spending money on clothes. 

Yes, this will be a challenge. But helloooo rest of my closet that I've been neglecting!

*Wonderful time in the word left me feeling happy*

I never before realized how much it was emphasized that we are made in God's own image. 

I knew it was said, but three times in two verses? I think Someone's trying to tell us that we are pretty darn priceless in His eyes. 

So thankful that we are claimed as God's own. He reminded me this week that that is where my identity lies, not in anything else. 

*The fact that this time next week I will be back at Stagecoach makes me happy*

*Knowing that I'll be reunited with one of my very best friends while I'm there makes me extremely happy*

*Heading home to see the fam this weekend makes me happy*

*My blog redesign being almost ready to reveal makes me happy*

I cannot recommend Amy enough. 

And no, I'm not referring to myself in third person. I have zero design skills. So good thing Amy from The Charming Blog does!

Happy Friday, friends!

Love you all!


Rach @ This Italian Family said...

We ARE made in His image. It's easy to forget just how powerful that is. Thanks for the reminder, friend. Also, I'm so glad that this coming week is full of so much great stuff for you! :)

Jordan said...

40 days of no buying clothes, woowee. At least you already have a lot of really cute stuff to work with :) Hope you have an amazing weekend!

carr_gill said...

This 40 day challenge sounds amazing. I think I will start today too! Thank you for the encouragement. Also, I want to go to Stagecoach! That's awesome. Wish I was closer. Good luck and have a great weeekend!

Rebecca Lobb said...

Your 40 day challenge sounds really good! I think we all need to take note. Only just found your blog and love that your a California girl! I went to CA last March and LOVED it!!!!

Jamie said...

Have fun at home with your family!

Kacey said...

I love this post Aims! You are always so optimistic and focused on the things in life that really matter - the ones that make you the happiest :) SO proud and grateful to be a part of that list haha! Love you more than anything, hope your Friday is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Love your post! Your week looks so great and I'm definitely going to not buy clothes for awhile because recently it has been a problem:P haha. Love your blog and hope you have a great weekend!

Elizabeth Mayberry said...

love the 40 with out clothes challenge! i need to do that!