Monday, January 28, 2013

Free Glasses, you say?

Was tagged to do a 5 facts post, hence where this came from on Friday:

And it's true, I've got horrible vision guys. 

Unless you saw this post, you probably wouldn't have known. Since that is the only picture on my blog of me in glasses. 

Until now:

When I was contacted by Firmoo, I could not have been more excited to do my first product review on a pair of their glasses. 

If you're a blind bat glasses-wearer like me, then you probably know that paying for prescription glasses can be quite the pain. Especially when you're also investing in contacts. 

Not anymore!

Firmoo offers all customers their first pair of glasses free! You've just got to pay shipping, and bam. You got yourself a pair of super cute glasses delivered right to your door!

And even if you're going to invest in a second pair later on, the prices are still so much cheaper than they normally are! With just as great of quality!

I know where I'll be getting my glasses from now on. 

Check out all of the different cute styles at

Happy Monday, lovelies! I've got some good stuff coming for you this week. Get your prayer pants on, cause I'm gonna have some major prayer requests coming your way. So thankful for the incredible gift of fellowship that Blogland has given me.

Love you all.


Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

Cuuute glasses! I don't need glasses, but I've thought about ordering some "fashion" ones, haha!

Amy said...

girl i eat hummus like it's the only thing on the planet! :) Glad i'm not alone.
Also LOVE these glasses, absolutely adorable!

Melissa Jo said...

Love the new glasses so cute on you!

Jordan said...

They look great on you! I have never been to the eye doctor but I think the denial is finally lifting... especially since I can get cute glasses if necessary! :) Hope your weekend was great!

HK said...

Shorter hair, new glasses-- you're looking good, Amy! :-)

So, I checked out the website after you Tweeted the pic last week, and am amazed at their prices. Decent selection, too. Question, though: How did you get around the inability to try them on in person? I tried the photo upload thing, and it always makes my face too big to fit the glasses, LOL. Or did you just get lucky? ;-)

Amy said...

Thanks so much everyone :)

@HK, I just took a look at the faces in the pictures and specifically looked at the one most like my face shape. I think I also kind of stuck with a shape that I knew was fairly similar to glasses I've had in the past.

But I know you look great in glasses!! So I'm sure any pair you pick will look awesome! :)

Linnea said...

You look beautiful in your pics! The glasses look super cute :).

HK said...

Haha, thanks! Maybe it's because I've worn glasses since I was 8 (and am used to it), or maybe it's because I have typical Asian almond eyes, but I definitely prefer wearing glasses. I always figured that even if I got Lasik or something, I'd keep on wearing a dummy pair anyway ;-)

I do have a general idea of what frame shapes/size suit me, but I've also learned that even the smallest variations can completely change how they look on me, so it's probably safest for me to stick to physical stores. Then again, a free first pair can't be beat, so I may have to seriously consider it! :-)

Amy said...

@HK I've worn them since I was 8, too! My parents didn't let me try contact til middle school, so I had plenty of years with just glasses haha 8)

I definitely feel ya with wanting a visual first! I figured the same thing though, if it's free, what's there to lose?

I did just look up the exchange policy though, and it looks like you can contact their customer service department if you were interested in doing an exchange or return! Good to know :)

HK said...

I could never reconcile myself to the idea of sticking my finger in my eye, so I never bothered with contacts. Plus I didn't like the way I looked without glasses ;-)

Curious-- does the cost include the lenses? I can often find cheap frames just about anywhere, both in physical stores and online, but lenses always cost me around $100, no matter where I go. How does it work with these guys?

Elissa said...

that's great! my mom has horrible vision too. She's had glasses since she was 18 mos old. The tan striped sweater and pink jeans is such a cute outfit!

Kiki said...

Thanks for sharing the company! I'm a fellow glasses-wearer and have been thinking about getting another (cuter) pair of glasses to have as a spare. Yours are so cute!

p.s. Boots are the best. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one living in boots these days!

Hena Tayeb said...

i love hummus!
i just got rid of my glasses and contacts by getting Lasik. Now I am all about sunglasses. But my husband could need a pair of new glasses

Amy said...

@HK I spoke with another blogger, Lindsay over at, to double check that all my info was correct. If you're thinking it sounds too good to be true, I was too so that's why I verified :)

But yes, the price does in fact cover the lenses! For your free pair, you will just need to pay the shipping fee. Any others, you'll pay the listed price. Lindsay said she highly recommends paying a few extra bucks for the anti-glare.

Hope all of that info helps :) Definitely a big fan of this company, highly recommend giving it a shot!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

They look great on you! When I was a kid, I always wanted glasses because my older brother had them and I thought they were sooo cool, haha! I've actually always had 20/20 vision which is crazy because both my parents have horrible eye sight. Out of five kids, only 2 ended up needing glasses and I wasn't one of them. However, Christopher wears contacts and every rare now and then he'll don his glasses if we're at home. If he hadn't just got a new pair, I would definitely say that he should try this out. Maybe next time! :)

HK said...

Wow, that's awesome! Thanks for answering all my questions. Will definitely check out more pairs. I've noticed that they seem to have corrected my head size somewhat, in my user-uploaded photo, so at least I get a better idea of what some of the lenses look like ;-)

Amy said...

@Rach, my parents were the same way! Both my brother and I got glasses in elementary school, and my sister is about that age so we'll see if she caught the blind bat disease too! :)

And @HK, no problem! Happy to help!! Glad to hear your picture is looking better, hope you kind some cute specs! And if you do, can't wait to see them!!

Optickart said...

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