Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sweet Home San Diego

So I know this whole blog is about my new home, Santa Barbara, but I gotta come clean. San Diego will always be my real home. Well, at least it seems that way now. Luckily, both places are amazing places to call "home," so I can't complain! This last weekend I was able to go home and visit the fam. I hadn't been home since August, and I usually try to get back there at least once a month. So I was due a visit! I got to spend some much needed time back home in SD. Here are some pics to document the weekend:
Home Sweet Home!
My Not-So Lap Dog
Modeling the Christmas Dress
Went to my brother's soccer game
Half-time Playground Break
More modeling
Our new friend
Commence two year old's photo shoot (aka he stole my camera)
"Pleaseee give me the camera back!"
Pretty darn cute
Overall, it was a great weekend at home. It was nice to just have a weekend to relax and hang with the fam. Not to mention great to catch up with some friends over bagels and fro yo (if you're ever in SD you HAVE to try Einsteins Bagels, just do it). Good thing I'll be coming home again next week for work (getting to go on my first business trip! whoo!) so there will be no more long gaps between San Diego trips.

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