Monday, October 10, 2011

Epic Weekend Part 1 - Keith Urban

This weekend was SUCH a great weekend. We've been planning on going to the Keith Urban concert since June when I went to my first country concert:

My friend Kristen knew I was a fan of country, so spur of the moment she asked if I'd be down to tag along to a Tim McGraw concert. Of course I was! I had just started working full time and was more than happy to spend $35 on a concert. It was SO much fun, with everyone just drinking beers and dancing the night away. That night Kristen told me that Keith Urban was coming to LA in October, so the plans were put in motion! After having such a great time at Tim McGraw, duhh I was down to see Keith! So I texted these two:

Kayla, Kristi and me

And the four of us starting making our plans. Kristi doesn't even like country, and Kayla was driving all the way from NorCal. That's dedication right there. We booked a hotel so that we could stay the night, and drove down Saturday morning. After a CVS trip, 45 minute Taco Bell detour (yupp, I think we are their most committed customers), and navigating through the confusing one way LA streets, we finally got to our hotel. We got ready while enjoying some Pumpkin Shock Top and other beverages such as this fun creation:

This Captain and Captain creation was Kayla's idea, and there was definitely only one of the three of us who successfully completed this (I was not that person). After getting ready, we headed out for the concert. It was only a 13 minute walk away, and you better believe we were more than stoked to save the money on a taxi. The concert was AMAZING, and take a look at how close our seats were:

Uhh just kidding. It was more something like this:

So awesome, right? Hey, just because Keith was kind of the size of an ant, and Kayla was glued to the arm railing all night in fear that she might fall down the entire stadium, doesn't mean our seats were not amazing! It's the music that counts, right? We already have plans to go to Stagecoach this year, and I can't wait! The perfect weekend only continued on Sunday, but I think this is enough epic-ness for one post. More pics of the weekend to come soon!

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