Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I'm a pretty big fan of Tuesday nights. Mainly because Glee and New Girl are on, but also because it's almost Wednesday, which is almost Thursday, which is basically the weekend. Last weekend I went to my first SB Beerfest. It was so much fun. Basically tons of local breweries come and set up tents, and for the price of one pretty decently priced ticket, you get to spend 4 hours walking around and tasting all the different beers. Add a really fun group of people, and I had myself a great Saturday afternoon. 

The Beerfest 2011 Crew
Fixing the hair
The 3 of the 5 housemates that went

The group that stayed together til the end... plus the random on the left
Beerfest made for a great weekend (and 15+ hours of sleep on Saturday night). Three more days til next weekend which I'll be spending back home in San Diego with the fam! Can't wait!

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