Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wine, Cheese and A House Update

Let's face it, our house would not be properly broken in without one of our amazing wine and cheese nights. I must say, we have some pretty bomb food at these things. This particular night featured some of the best garlic bread I've had, and an addicting gouda cheese dip from Whole Foods (having a roommate who works there proves to be a huge perk when she comes home with these delicious feasts). We also had some really good cracker, cream cheese, and pepper jelly creations. Sounds a bit odd, but I couldn't pass by the Trader Joes sample station without stocking up (trust me, my roommates thanked me). Add a little bit of Glee and New Girl (SUCH a good show) to the equation, and we had the perfect wine and cheese night in our new house. Here are some pictures:

Our living room, a little more put together
Our gorgeous fireplace!
I can't believe I have my very own fireplace! After my last post, I'll say it again, I'm old and it's weird. Oh well, I'll take being old if it means getting to live in a gorgeous, big house with some of my best friends. Old age, bring it on.

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