Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Men In My Life

Remember this post? The one where I said that I was called out on not mentioning my guy friends enough? Well that happened on this night:

Designated Drivers!

Like the sorority girl poses that Carly and I are rocking? Well anyway, on this night after our softball game, Richard called me out on the fact that out of all of my posts, I only had 1 picture of my guy friends. Unacceptable. So shortly after that comment was made, this picture was taken:

Ignore the fact that I am looking pretty sexy in my softball clothes with zero make up on, and direct your attention to the real beauty of the photo, my guy friends. Introductions are definitely in order. Here it goes, from left to right, back to front:

Kenny: Definitely the most entertaining part of our softball games. Known to make obscene comments from third base, and often seen sporting a brown paper bag filled with fun sports drinks in the dug out.

Mark: If anything gets hit in the general direction of short stop, we can all rest assured knowing that Mark will find a way to get the ball and make the out. He's also one of the best washoes players I know  (while I, on the other hand, am the worst). If you don't know what the game washoes is, look it up the next time it's a gorgeous day out and you want a way to enjoy the sun.

James: Catches any pop flies that go to the outfield. He also happens to work with me, in my exact department. Had no idea that we would end up being in the same group of friends, and that I'd end up living with his girlfriend. He is also one of the most handy guys I know. Anytime something needs fixed (anything at all), James is on it. 

Boz: Actually his name is Robert, but we all call him Boz. Remember the wedding I've mentioned a few times? Well, it's his! He's getting married next month and I could not be more excited. He's also my top competition in our Fantasy Football league (guess who's the only girl AND number one? Yupp, that'd be me! Don't worry, I'm modest about it). 

Robert: Another Robert, but this one we actually call by his real name. He's a pretty cool guy. Knows how to tell a funny story better than anyone I know. And when it comes to anything electronic related, he can hook it up. He can fix any tv or computer issue, because he basically owns his own Apple store. Oh, and side note, he's also my boyfriend.

Richard: The one who originally pointed out that my blog is seriously lacking my guy friends. He's the pitcher of the Designated Drivers (when he misses a game, it's ugly). He's also hit the most home runs of anyone on our team. MVP? I think so. Him and Kelly dating also brought this whole group together, so I'll give him some props for that too. 

Alright, well there you have it. The amazing guys that have made life after college a whole lot more fun than it should be. Happy Almost Weekend! 

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