Thursday, February 23, 2012

Leg Warmers

So I've been really trying to get more fashionable this year. There are so many looks that I think look amazing on other people, but don't look good on me. Makes perfect sense, right? I've decided that I'm just over analyzing, so it's time to just go with my gut. 

Fashionable Goal #1: Incorporate leg warmers into my wardrobe. 

I think leg warmers are adorable. I have a pair that I had to buy freshman year for a dance costume, and I haven't worn them since. Now that I see more and more people incorporating them into outfits, I think it's time that I give this a try. 

So I did!

Under my boots they went, and you know what, I love the look! Super cute and winter-y, not to mention warm (because I totally need winter clothes in Santa Barbara, right?). 

I'd say the leg warmers were a success, and I definitely want to wear them more often. 

So blogger friends, advise me. Do you wear leg warmers? If so, how? Help me hop on this trend. 


BELL HERE said...

love love the blog header!and leg warmers are a must...even in california. :)

Samantha said...

I hopped on the leg warmer trend as well. A few years ago I actually wore them with heels. Pretty cute!! And you definitely pull this look off!!! :)


PS. I'm hosting my very first giveway today on my blog! Hope you'll check it out. :)