Friday, February 10, 2012

Flashback Friday!

I bet you're wondering why I dug up those old pics of the high school boyfriend, huh? I was totally re-living the glory days. Remembering the good times back in my prime. 

Just kidding. 

I'm still in my prime, duh. 

Anywho, it was to get you ready for a new Friday series (the best kind)... Flashback Fridays!

Believe it or not, I actually did have a life before my blogging days. Shocking, I know. There are a lot of pictures from high school (well, actually just senior year, cause that's when facebook started and that's where all my pictures come from) and college that deserve to be documented on this here blog. So I present my first Flashback Friday: A night in the life of high school Amy. 

This is basically to ease you in, and to show you that I wasn't always the not-entirely-classy, drunk-eating  feasting mess that you might see in future posts. 

Cue any Friday night in High School:

Finish cheering some football or basketball game, and head to Rubios.

That's what all the cool kids did on weekends, right? 

Take a picture of our empty Rubio's/Starbucks/Guacamole cups. And no, there was no alcohol in that Rubio's cup. Because we didn't drink alcohol. 

We drank Monster. 

Next we move the party to someone's parents' house. Where the parents were home. And we could commence fun photo shoots of us doing cheer moves in the kitchen.

And we eat some cookie dough. Guess some things never change. And we get ready for the main event of the evening:


And more Twister.

And even more. You're jealous, right? Oh but wait, couldn't end the evening without another photo shoot:

Of course the one picture that fit all five of our heads is the one with the worst angle of me, right? 

You're probably wondering how I got myself that boyfriend in the first place. 

Me too. 

But really, I loved these days. I still love these people. And I can't wait to see this one tonight!

And the moral of this story, because every story has one, is don't wait until your first night of college to have your first sip of alcohol. Because when you do, you'll go from this:

to this:

Just kidding. 

But really. 

Happy Friday, everyone!! Hope you all have amazing weekends!

1 comment:

Impulsive Addict said...

LOVE IT! You're so funny.

I had pretty cool parents that would let me drink if I was at home with my friends. They took car keys and we would have a small amount of alcohol. Not really enough to matter but it was still pretty cool. Now, I'm not planning on doing that for Emma EVER. Who lets their teenager drink?

Have a great weekend!