Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Country Night

I'm starting the whole 'new years resolution' thing a bit early this year. I want to stop putting things on the back burner. There's a lot of things that I say I want to do, and then never get around to. One of those things is to go to country night at a local bar. Alright so I'm starting small here, not like I'm running to get my passport and booking a flight somewhere abroad (although I do hope to do that this year). But anyway, I did it! My friend Kristen and I got in country attire, and headed to Creekside for some line dancing lessons. 

I had a blast! I really love dancing, so trying a new kind of dancing (that happens to include one of my favorite types of music) was SO much fun. I'm thinking this might become a Wednesday night tradition. Seems like a great way to spice up that work week.

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