Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Running for Daisy

Yesterday, I posted the news that sweet Daisy has passed away. First of all, thank you all for your sweet comments and prayers. I am certain that they will be felt by all. 

Some of you mentioned that this was the first you had heard about Daisy. You can read more about her through older posts, or check out the Pray for Daisy website for more information on this beautiful girl and her story. 

This past weekend, I was in San Diego for my Valentine's Day 10K. A few weeks ago, God put it on my heart to dedicate this run to Daisy. I now understand why. 

I posted this shortly after my run:

And I seriously struggle now to find the words. 

It was so good. 

For those that are new around here (hi!), I have never been a runner. I up and decided to train for a half marathon last year, and ended up getting myself a stress fracture


So I made the only logical decision here, and decided to start all over again this year from square 1. Fingers crossed for no injuries!

Training for this race was so different than training for my half. Yes, probably because a 10K is half the distance. But a lot of other things felt different too. 

I guess I just didn't stress as much about it this time. I was training with a friend who had never run before (so proud of her!), so we took things very slow. The most we ran before the 6.4 mile race was 3.5 (ish) miles, at an 11:30-12:30 minute average pace including walking breaks. 

This was very different from the training routine I had for last year's half marathon, and I noticed a huge difference in my confidence level. 

Each time we would stop to walk, I didn't feel like I needed to. When we decided to go at our own pace for the actual race, I decided to just run my little heart out at a pace that felt good, going as far as my body wanted to without stopping. 

Well that pace that felt good? Ended up being an 8:30 mile time.

And that "going as far as my body wanted to?" Ended up being the entire race. 

My ideal goal was to run at a 10:00 pace, finishing just around an hour.

I ended up finishing at 54 minutes, placing 8th in my age group. 

Me! The non runner that I am!

Crossing that finish line? Best feeling ever. 

Not to mention I was pretty blessed with some amazing cheerleaders!

The entire race, I could not stop thinking about how this run was for Daisy. And it made me realize something. I don't want it to stop with this race. 

I want to run all my races for Daisy. 

And I want to invite you to do the same! I know some of you have running goals of your own, so if you've got it on your heart, I'd love for you to run for Daisy with me!

I decided to use a hashtag on Instagram, running4daisy. I'm going to continue to use it, and if you're documenting your own running experiences, please go ahead and spread the hashtag love.

It doesn't have to be pictures from a race, any run is worthy of running for Daisy. I want to celebrate the healthy, strong, beautiful bodies that we have been blessed with by giving glory to her memory. 

Remember her strength as you are building your own.

Happy Humpday, dears! Make it a great one. 


Rach @ This Italian Family said...

I'm so glad the race went so well for you! Way to beat your goals! And I love that you ran this in honor of Daisy... what a sweet spirit you have.

Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

What a great way to keep her memory alive! So proud of you!

Jordan said...

So sorry to hear about Daisy. That is a great idea to continue to run for her. You are awesome!

Sammantha B. said...

Sorry about Daisy, girlie.

Glad the race was good though, I'm happy for you!


Lee Ann said...

I randomly stubbled across your blog. I too trained for a half marathon last year, but was able to complete it. What an amazing experience and you will enjoy it even more running in someone's memory. I actually just posted about my running journey. Check it out if you are interested.

Praying for Daisy's family.

Lee Ann

Amy Disbrow said...

Wow so touching. I'm so sorry about Daisy.

I bet it was amazing to finish that!! Congratulations!! I am not a runner at all!! My friend wants all of us to do a 5K this fall as her Bachelorette party! Yikes! Any advice for a non-runner? Haha!

Kerrie said...

ok. for some reason, my heart just started pounding in my chest. Right around the time I read about the running4daisy hashtag. I'm going to seriously pray for God to give me the strength and will power and endurance to do this. I really want to love running, but I don't. I hate it actually. So it will definitely be a struggle.

Sarah S. said...

I love that you will continue running for Daisy. You are such a sweetheart :)
and GREAT job on your time, that's really amazing, and encouraging.