Saturday, February 16, 2013

College & Textbooks

When I first started college, I had no idea how much my parents were providing for me. 

Tuition? Pretty obvious. 

But there are so many other added expenses that went along with it. 

Rent. Food. Gas. Laptops (if you're as clumsy talented as me, you went through multiple in your college career).

And good old fashioned school supplies. 

Except when you get to college, your school supplies jump from the $1.99 spiral notebook from Staples, to the $300 math textbook from the school book store. 

Say whaaat?

Mom and Dad may have covered the bill for the majority of my years in school, but by my last few quarters, they started teaching this girl some financial responsibility. 

AKA: I was on my own, and not super stoked about it. 

Clearly I didn't want to fork up all of my savings to books that I'd only be using for a few months, so I needed to get creative. 

This is where online shopping skills came in handy! And here you thought it was just a dangerous habit. is a company that lets you order your books online for a much better deal, like what I did!

With free shipping, there's not much to lose except for that dent in your savings account that would be there had you not gone online. 

And I think we can all agree that we're better off without that dent, anyhow! even has an additional site where you can go to rent your books out to other students, and while you're at it, make some extra cash!

I think my favorite part about this company, is the fact that they have a giving heart. This year, they are donating over 1,000 life saving cleft lip surgeries through their partnership with Operation Smile

And you can read all about their Making a Difference movement here.

For my readers who are still in school, I would absolutely recommend saving yourself some money with

Or even making yourself some money with!

Happy Saturday, friends!

I'm home in Sweet Home San Diego for my 10K! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, 
& can't wait to be back on Monday to share all about the race!


Melissa Jo said...

I wish I would have known about this while I was in school!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

This would've been great to have when I was in college. I'm going to pretend it didn't exist so I can feel better about the amount I spent on textbooks, haha! I will say, I bought a lot of my textbooks used on Amazon and then resold them after the semester so sometimes I came out about equal, haha!

Amy Disbrow said...

I got a lot of mine textbooks on Amazon, but I never knew you could rent them!! Awesome! Good luck at your 10K!! Have a great weekend!

Sarah S. said...

what a great idea for books. And good luck on your 10k!

Anna said...

Hope your race goes well!

Deidre said...

I totally wish I'd known about this while I was in college! Would've saved me a lot of money. But seriously text books should just NOT be that expensive.

Anonymous said...

textbooks are incredibly expensive. I ususally spend about 350$ per semester, and then I`ve actually saved a lot by ordering my books from Amazon, instead of buying them at the college bookstore.