Friday, May 30, 2014

What I'm Wearing - Rehearsal Dinner

Stitch Fix is starting to take over my wardrobe, which I am 100% okay with. I've gotten all sorts of cute things from them, but one thing I hadn't kept yet was a dress. 

That changed on my last fix, when I opened it and saw this:

I love everything about this dress. The colors, the pattern, the fit, the style, and yes, even the price. Stitch Fix can be a bit more expensive than I typically pay, I'll admit that. But with the quality {which I don't usually go for while shopping}, it's totally worth it! And besides the jewelry, this dress was one of the least expensive items in my fix. Score!

This dress is perfect for tonight's rehearsal dinner. It's my first one, and I can't wait! I am beyond blessed to be a part of this beautiful girl's wedding:

We've known each other since second grade, and I'm still slightly in disbelief that she is getting married. Could not be more thrilled for her, and praising the Lord for the love story He's writing in her life!

It's gonna be a great weekend, that's for sure. Happy Friday, friends!


Outfit details:

Dress: Stitch Fix
Necklace: Francesca's
Shoes: Old Navy
Glasses: Firmoo



erin m. said...

Amy - my little sister just became a stylist for stitchfix! it makes me enjoy seeing people's stitchfix posts even more now, knowing her side of the job! you look great, have a wonderful time at the wedding!

Pamela said...

Your hair is getting SO LONG! love it! Love the color of the dress!