Thursday, May 15, 2014

Operation: Coffee Budget

I have two confessions for you today. 

Confession #1: I am a coffee drinker. 

Phew, glad to get that out in the open. I know, I know, I hide it well. Those that know me in real life are probably shocked, as is anyone who follows me on Instagram, I'm sure. 

{Pictures available for reference in case you didn't pick up on that sarcasm there.}

Just a few months ago, I caught myself saying the words "I don't really drink coffee, either!" As soon as they came out of my mouth, I caught myself calculating the amount of coffee drinks I typically consume in a week. It was right about then that I realized I prooobably should stop saying that now. I've heard it's bad to lie. 

The truth is, I used to not really drink coffee. Until I started working full time, became a blogger, and became a Christian. Because apparently, coffee dates are how you keep your friends once you start working 40 hours a week. And if you want to have Instagram content, you need to consume and document at least 4 caffeinated beverages per week. And a latte in hand is nearly a requirement for fellowshipping. 

{Those comments were only half sarcastic.}

Somewhere between coffee date 143 and the 36th mid-workday Starbucks run, I started really enjoying that flavored latte. And so, I just need to accept it. I am officially a coffee drinker. 

Confession #2: I am a horrible budgeter. 

My budgeting skills basically consist of make sure you've tithed, put 10% in savings, paid all your bills, have no credit card balance, and then, whatevs. 

Not exactly the best plan, eh? It's a good thing I'm single and have no plans to fund a wedding any time soon. 
{ba dum chh}

In all seriousness though, I want to get better at budgeting. I want to start putting more in savings, and spending less on the non-essentials. 

I'm sorry Starbucks, but you fall in that later category. Don't worry though, I'm not getting rid of you completely. After all, how would I keep my friends, and Instagram followers, and relationship with the Lord if I did that? 

{Kidding. Again}

I'm just going to start paying attention to how much I spend on you delicious lattes, and going to limit myself to a finite amount. Curse you, Starbucks Rewards Card that is so easy to reload! The constant reloading ends now. 

Starting today {pay day, what whaat}, I am limiting myself to $30 from each paycheck on coffee drinks. That's $15 a week, or in Starbucks lingo, 3 skinny vanilla machiattos. 

I feel more responsible already. 


Natasha Oswald said...

I tried that too (says she currently waiting for my coffee date to arrive)...I was unsuccessful!

Leah said...

lol! i so loved this post. you're hilarious, and thankfully my workplace provides free coffee. it's no starbucks, but i'll take it. (even though i tried quitting coffee for a while and going with tea only, but coffee is much yummier!) i know, not helping. but three drinks a week is still doable. you got dis. ;)

brooke lyn said...

i feel you on the whole what's a budget thing! I have tried to only let myself get coffee on the weekends and then make mine for the week days. sometimes that doesn't always work though, because like you said reloading your gold card is just too easy!

Pamela said...

haha you got this!!

Julie said...

I totally feel the same way about my budget! Once I started my new job, I felt overwhelmed since I was making way more money than I did at my job in high school. I have to try so hard not to spend on random non-essentials since I've got school, a car, and a wedding to pay for... what I did was make a list of all the online stuff I want to get and I allow myself to buy like one or two a month depending on the price! So far it's working out pretty well for me! Good luck with all this, girl :)

Shannon Q. said...

Ah, I love this lighthearted and fun post. I also need to get a bit more (ok a lot more) focused on putting those extra dollars I have in better places aside from starbucks and clothing stores :/

Annie said...

The "and then, whatevs" part of your budgeting cracks me up. My version of Starbucks lattes has been eating out at lunch. It doesn't seem like a lot when I hand my card over but it turns into a good chunk of money!