Monday, May 5, 2014

We Need To PRAY

I had every intention of writing about my weekend tonight, until about 3PM, when I was scrolling through Instagram, and saw this picture:

And I'll be brutally honest, it was not the first time I saw those words. As a matter of fact, I had seen multiple of these in the past few days:

I had read multiple captions explaining that over 200 girls were kidnapped in Nigeria. And continuing the brutal honesty, my response didn't consist of much more than a short heart ache and a quick prayer. 

Why is it so easy to keep scrolling through that Instagram feed? Why is it so easy to say a prayer that you know you should say without feeling much? Why is it so easy to pretend that things aren't happening when they're far away? 

They are. 

These things are happening. These girls are missing. And finally today, I put the internet to good use, and I educated myself on what's going on. 

I was embarrassed to see that this kidnapping happened 3 weeks ago. 21 days ago. And I am just now reading up on the details.

I was embarrassed to see that the group responsible for this, Boko Haram, killed 59 students back in February, and another 50 in September, and I had no idea. None. 

I literally am getting sick to my stomach typing this, and you know what, I'm glad. I'm glad that it's sinking in what is going on in this world. I'm glad that I'm feeling that nagging pit in my stomach that's calling out the one word that is quite literally all I can do in this situation: pray. 

And I'm not talking just praying for justice. Because, yes, that should be prayed for. Yes, we should want these precious girls returned to their homes. Yes, there should be punishment for all of these hundreds of lives affected by this terrorism. 

But in one more bit of brutal honesty: I don't think that will change much. So justice is served, then what? I think history proves that it's only a matter of time before the next act of terrorism strikes. Hate is contagious like that. 

You know what else is contagious? Jesus. You know what else spreads like wildfire? Revival. 

I want to get on my knees and ask for salvation. I want to beg the Lord to change the hearts behind this terrible darkness. I want to see the kind of redemption that only He can bring, because I'm convinced that's the only way to combat the brokenness in this world. 

I want Him to bring these girls home, like right now

But you know what else? I want Him to bring the bad guys home, too. Because I truly believe that it is His will that not one should perish {2 Peter 3:9}. And I truly believe that He's the only one who can beat this type of evil, with His type of love. 

I'm gonna pray for the bad guys. I'm gonna pray for justice, and revival. And I'm gonna choose to believe that He will bless that, in His way, with His wisdom & perfection. 

Call it naive, call it silly, or useless, or dumb. Call it childish. But I'm pretty sure He said to have child-like faith, anyhow. 

We need to pray, guys. It's the best weapon we've got, and in situations like this, it's the only weapon we've got. 

Lucky for us, it's a good one. So we better use it. 

Bring back our girls, God. And bring back the bad guys in the way that only You can. #endit

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Amanda G. said...

One of my friends posted something like this as well, saying how it is an outrage and sickening that the news was covering [this is showing how little I even watch the news] that NBA owner? and not the events that are happening around the world. Thanks for writing this :)